Mystery Stay-puft at NYTF – any guesses? [SOLVED] It’s the bank.

[UPDATE] It looks like the Stay-Puft is the already released bank, BUT in poking around, the light-up Mr. Stay-Puft, which was the other best guess, was also found. Head to this article for more info and a bit of a rude surprise at what else Diamond Select is working on.

While looking at Superhero Hype’s massive gallery of pics, I spotted this picture of a Mr. Stay-puft statue. He’s not the Diamond Select piggy bank, he’s too smooth. Plus, he’s nowhere near the Diamond Select booth – all pictures in the gallery tend to lump, meaning then you get to the pages with the Real Ghostbusters Minimates, you also have a couple of pictures of Diamond’s other Ghostbusters gear on display. This Stay-Puft was nowhere near the Diamond display. Plus, he’s surrounded by other statues.

So, a) am I senile, in which case, someone please remind me what this figure is, or b) what the heck is this statue and when can we get it?

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