Art Asylum post light-up Stay-Puft pics

From their official blog today, comes the following;

If you aren’t chuckling right now, it means someone changed my subject line. Anyway…at this point you have all seen the awesomeness that is the Ghostbusters Slimer Light-up Statue. Well, I’m here to let you know that he was just the first of many such statues. The logical follow-up – Mr. Stay Puft. Using Bill Mancuso’s sculpt from the rotocast bank, we have created 2 versions of statue. The mass release will be the normal white figure with the happy face. The exclusive (or future mass release) will be styled after our “exploding” style (translucent red) with the angry face. Please note that the photos are just early prototypes, so the lighting effects are not necessarily final.

As we found out earlier in the week at the New York Toy Fair (today was the last day), the Stay-Puft lamp is due out June of this year, and will retail for approximately $70.

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