Indy GBs release new fan film trailer! Wait, there are two?

Hooray! More fan films! A this rate, we’ll be able to have a fan film festival in no time!

But I am officially confused – the first trailer below got posted to the Proton Charging Facebook page (link to the left – you should Like. All the cool kids are), but when I went looking for a team page, I also found the second trailer… which seems to be a second fan film, coming next year, from a SECOND Indiana Ghostbusters team. Not that I’m complaining, but someone will have to speak up in the comments to help me sort out who is who and link to all the appropriate websites.

IDW and Dapper Dan take Ghostbusters comic MONTHLY!

I’m going to have to stop screaming here at the office – I’m scaring the straights.

IDW editor Tom Waltz has dropped this bomb into my email box.

Starting September 2011, IDW (and judging from the following one-page ad, Dapper Dan) are putting out a monthly Ghostbusters comic!


Ghostbusters: Hellbent fan film gets upgrade

When it was first posted online, Ghostbusters: Hellbent predated all of the HD options YouTube has now. So, going back through their footage and cut as best they could, the filmmakers have uploaded a new, higher resolution version of the film for you to enjoy.