Making a Kenner PKE meter more awesome, and chess a thing of beauty.

Couple of quick things – big thanks to Tay for sending me this link to Dalbyspook’s refurbished Kenner PKE meter toy. The finished product is below, but you really should check out his work-in-progress photos, to see the entire process. He even refurbished a Kenner Ghost Trap!

Also, GBMax, over at GB Mania, has posted a couple of takes on some potential Ghostbusters inspired chess sets – I’m partial to the green set, though the more I look at it, the more I see a couple of differences I’d personally make. Have a look at both sets here, but have a look at the green set below, then I’ll outline what’s buzzing in my brain.

As much as I like putting in as many pieces of Ghostbusters equipment as possible, I think one piece of chess tradition has been overlooked – The Rooks, traditionally a tower, should totally be the Firehall. Given the unique movement of the Knight, I would make both pieces the Ecto-1. It’s true, the trap is lost, as are the logos, but these are just suggestions – I’d buy a set, regardless.

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