Art Aslyum shows off TRU RGB Minimate packages

Art Asylum has posted pack shots for the first wave of their Real Ghostbusters minimates, due on June 24th – the art on the back of the two-packs reveals that some small changes were made, such as making Slimer transparent instead of opaque (though he doesn’t keep his familiar, snaggletoothed mug from the cartoons.)

Toys R Us are currently taking online pre-orders on the Janine/Slimer and Ray/Egon packs, but not the Exclusive packs with the famous Real Ghostbusters ghosts (Samhain, Boogeyman, Egyptian Ghost, and Energy Terror Dog… ok, those last two aren’t famous RGB ghosts – cool, but not famous in the cartoon, compared to the other two.)

Janine (in GB jumpsuit) and Slimer

Ray and Egon

No word yet on what will become of secretary Janine, as she first appeared in early prototype shots.

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