Two more Vancouver Ghostbusters screenings!


Big big ups to Todd at Ghostbusters of British Columbia for spotting TWO MORE outdoor screenings of Ghostbusters – and honestly, the Fresh Air series of screenings has a lot of TBDs in their schedule, so there may be more to come.

You`ll recall I mentioned the screening on the 26th? Well, there are also screenings on the 7th of July at West Point Grey Park and another on July 18th at Robson Square!

Know of a screening in your area? LET US KNOW!

Art Asylum release box pics of Stay-Puft lamp, closer pic of Liberty lamp.

To be sure, the Statue of Liberty lamp was one of the oddest Ghostbusters items to appear at the New York Toy Fair, along with the less nonsensical Mr. Stay-Puft lamp. Time hasn’t change the plan any – Art Asylum has posted pictures of the Stay-Puft lamp (and his box), along with a larger look at the State of Liberty – the statue still doesn’t give much away about what lights up, nor does it look like there’s anything particularly Ghostbuster-y about it that can be seen. It’s kind of like buying a North by NorthWest statue of Mount Rushmore, only nobody is hanging from it… it’s just a miniature of Mount Rushmore. Or am I thinking of Vertigo? In any case… buh?

100 feet of angry marshmallow mascot can really ruin your day. Luckily we at DST have shrunk the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man down to a much more manageable size — 7 inches! Not only that, our mini-statue version lights up, to add a pleasing glow to your collection at night. Isn’t that much nicer than stepping on churches? Check out out new in-package pictures below, plus a pic of the upcoming Statue of Liberty light-up statue! Look for Mr. Stay-Puft in July and Miss Liberty in October!

Be a sailor, possibly in New York, but not get laid…

OK, nobody really likes the Rubies Ghostbusters costumes with the inflatable proton-pack (though the little kid costumes are pretty cute – how did we miss those?) and the sexy Ghostbusters aren’t exactly a big hit with the hardcore ghostheads either… so how about Mr. Stay-Puft?

This costume, which will be available for sale August 31st (some list it as September 14th), comes in a Men’s and a Boy’s size (suggested retail price of $49.99 and $29.99 respectively), but let’s be honest, those are fine as Women’s and Girl’s sizes too. The head mask isn’t the best, but the inflatable body suit (it actually uses a small battery operated fan, similar to the lawn decoration) is an ambitious idea.

More papercraft Ghostbusters!

There have been other papercraft Ghostbusters toys, but this set of 5 by Mr. Black Tees has a couple of things that set them apart.

Firstly, they’ll set you apart from 4,00€ (six or seven bucks US, depending on how mean your bank or credit card company is at exchange rates) – and secondly, they are AMAZING caricatures of the actors as they appear in the first movie!

If MBtees sounds familiar, it’s because they are the same Spanish designers that made this equally awesome t-shirt from last Fall.