Licensing International Expo – Sony targeting 2013 for third film.

The Licensing International Expo starts today and Sony, as always, is there. However, unlike previous years, that presented the Ghostbusters license in general terms, Sony is pushing Ghostbusters not only in terms of products for fanboys, but in terms of the long-gestating third film, which they are now talking about as a 2013 release.

This is semi-official. Sony Consumer Products has to deal as if the movie is coming and has to talk about it with a date in mind, but this is not the same as there being a greenlit date necessarily. Still, it’s a good sight that Ghostbusters continues to be an important property with Sony.

The date was mentioned in Sony’s full-page add in the tradeshow’s magazine, being handed out at the show.

[VIA Toys and Gadgets]

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