SHORT NOTICE! Two GB screenings at Austin drive-ins, THIS WEEKEND!

Big ups to Dan Gladwell for spotting this just in the nick of time – The Blue Starlite Drive-ins in Austin, TX has added Ghostbusters to their Drive-in Classics series, and is screening the movie on Friday, July 1st, and Saturday, July 2nd. For those not familiar with the drive-in, they have two locations (or entrances… I’m not sure), with one screen showing on the Friday and the other showing on the Saturday.

And that’s not all;

Why are we showing it: Because it’s one of our New Drive-in classics and gives us an excuse to add Stay Puft Marshmallows to our menu!

The Blue Starlite is a unique drive-in, where admission is by the carload, you can book a spot using FM radio for the soundtrack, or a classic car-window speaker (like when I was a kid – as your parents.) You can also order food packages ahead of time, including one with the aforementioned Stay-Puft s’mores! There is one small hitch though – The Blue Starlite isn’t a classic drive-in that’s survived, rather it’s an urban mini-drive-in started by a local artist and movie lover, Josh Frank. Think of it like an outdoor screening meets a drive-in. The classic drive-in experience, only in mini. There are only 12 car spots, so best reserve if it’s not too late, but there’s also (if I understand correctly) walk-in admission. Bring a chair, blanket, and FM radio, I guess.

> FM Car Spot $25 (per car load/not per person)
> Vintage Window speaker car slot $30 (per car load/not per person)

Food packages purchased under the desired car slot (pricing includes car slot )

$35-$40 – Tasty Treat for either FM or Vintage Window includes popcorn, and Vintage candy
$45-$50 – Get smores for your money for either FM or Vintage Window car slots includes Popcorn and Smores Kit for 2.
$55 – The Family Plan: FM car slot only includes popcorn, Candy/Smores for 4!

How the smore’s works: you get a smores kit with everything you need to build a smores sandwich, we give you a little tiny fire to cook your marshmallows with on skewers and then you put them all together like at a summer camp- camp out, but instead, at a drive in movie!

MOVIE TRAILER Meal deal’s- #1 Ugly Banjos- Sandwich Trailer
Ugly Banjo’s Movie Trailer package for 1.
Drive in car Slot (FM), and choice of sandwich w/ a bag of chips and bottled water from Ugly Banjo’s for $40
Ugly Banjo’s Movie Trailer package for 2.
Drive in car Slot (FM), and choice of 2 sandwichs w/ 2 bag of chips and 2 bottled water from Ugly Banjo’s for $50

GB screening in Vancouver, July 26th. Maybe Saskatchewan? Ontario?

It’s been a couple of years since the last outdoor screening of Ghostbusters, so it’s long over due. Last time the film was showing in David Lam park, deep in middle of the City’s Yaletown district, but this time the screening, sponsored by Chevron’s Summer Cinema Series, will be at Stanley Park!

There are lots of great films showing, but Ghostbusters in particular is on Thursday, July 26th. Yeah, I’m not sure why it’s on a Thursday either – likely because of better turn out, and less hassle driving through downtown on party nights.

If you live in Saskatchewan,, the people who organize and hold the events, have a TBD screening in August – if you live in the area, follow their Facebook page and let them know you’d like Ghostbusters!

Same goes for those ghostheads living in the Merrickville area – they have a TBD screening on July 9th!

EW wants to know who is your favourite Real Ghostbuster?

Well, Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog wants to know, at any rate.

Head here to hear their various arguments and vote. Currently, Peter is winning by a landslide.

There’s something weird. It don’t look good. Who you gonna call? Now, don’t just say “The Ghostbusters,” because thanks to some messy ’80s trademark laws, any old gang of supernatural investigators can name themselves after the iconic Marshmallow-exploding foursome who starred in 1984′s Ghostbusters. No, you don’t want any fake ghost-busters; you want The Real Ghostbusters, who starred in the cartoon series of the same name for seven proton pack-tastic seasons. The series’ title was later amended to Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters to reflect the increased importance of the chubby green ghoul. And that’s fine; when we were kids, we all loved Slimer. But kids are stupid, so let’s get down to brass tacks here: Who’s the coolest member of the Real Ghostbusters?

July 3rd Ghostbusters screening at LA cemetary!

Cinespia is back for it’s 10th year of outdoor screenings at LA’s famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and is screening Ghostbusters this Sunday, July 3rd! Tickets are $10, reservations not required, and there will be a DJ to entertain the crowd – all you have to do is bring yourself, your blanket, and your snacks! Sounds like a great evening at an LA historical landmark.

See the full event listing here.

Big thanks to Jack Rossi for the heads up!

New York adjusts budget plan – Ladder 8 expected to survive.

Big ups to Luke Crisalli for the link – the NY press is quoting inside sources on an adjusted budget plan for New York City, which looks like it will spare the teachers and 20 firehalls – including ladder 8 where Ghostbusters was partially filmed – originally set to be cut.

It’s not all cheers however – the city is sparing the proposed cuts by spreading the layoffs out across all the city departments. Hard to get too excited when people are going to lose their jobs.

Read / watch the whole story here.