Dan Aykroyd sparks new Ghostbusters telephone game.

Last week Dan Aykroyd appeared on Dennis Miller’s radio show and talk turned to Ghostbusters 3, at which point Dan said all the usually about the script, the older Ghostbusters, the training of a new team, and the “hope” that filming would begin in the spring and that Bill Murray would be involved. As it was all “hope” I largely ignored it as Dan’s usual cheerleading for the franchise. Other entertainment sites reported it though. Then other entertainment sites picked the story up from them with the “hope” part downplayed by some. And now the mainstream is reporting (some, not all) it as Ghostbusters 3 “is set” to start filming in the spring.

If everyone could stop sending me the links now. Hope needs to turn to action first, or this just isn’t anything substantial.

Burnham varient for IDW GB #4!

Nuff Said. I posted this on the Proton Charging Facebook page last week before I had to head off to PAX, but for those of you who missed it or don’t follow Facebook, here it is. Sweeet. Head to Erik’s site for all his usual awesome, but the cover in question is below. Don’t forget to place your orders with your local comicshop ASAP!

Ghostbusters songbook online

GBFans has added my copy of the Ghostbusters souvenir songbook to the materials archive, so now future generations of Ghosthead musicians have something other than the theme song they can play as their fun, ironic closer!

“How did you make such great scans?” you ask. Well, I bought a second copy so I could cut the spine off one copy. The lengths I’ll go to for you people…

Go have a look here!

William Atherton the GB cameo for Halloween Castle?

It’s just been announced that William Atherton will play a cryogenics expert in an October episode of the ABC police mystery, Castle (starring Nathan Fillion). This looks a lot like he will be the Ghostbusters alumnus to make a cameo on the Ghostbusters referential Halloween episode, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet. This does conflict with the producer’s public wish that they get Aykroyd to guest star. Perhaps we’ll get more than one Ghostbusters actor! Or maybe October will just be full of them making cameos in different episodes.

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