Mattel cancels Club-Ecto, ups price, re-releases figs, and announces trap date.


So, you can read all about it here. Or read below. Or here’s the skinny;

– Sales of the Club Ecto-1 subscriptions were low, or “disappointing”, so they’ve canceled the club and are refunding the subscription fees. Those that held subscriptions, Mattel has said they are cooking up a reward for them.

– Manufacturing costs have gone up the last couple of years, so 6″ figures will now sell for $22.

– From October 17th to Halloween, will be re-releasing old figs for sale. No word on which ones yet.

– AAaaaaaand, October 17th is when the Ghost Trap will go on sale.

Ghostbusters™ Fans,

You know how much love the Matty team has for Ghostbusters, and although we were ready to support a subscription in 2012, sales were lower than we expected. We regret to announce that we have to cancel the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription. All 2012 orders will be promptly refunded. If you purchased a 2012 subscription, you should see the refund in your account within 5-7 business days of your refund being processed, depending on your bank. All 2011 subscriptions will continue to ship as scheduled.

Like you, we’re disappointed that the subscription will be going away for 2012, but to show our appreciation for you fans who stepped up and bought a 2012 subscription, we’re working on a “thank you” just for you. Stay tuned as we’ll have something special coming for you in appreciation for your support.

Please know that the Ghostbusters line isn’t over! To do right by all Ghostbusters fans, we’re still moving forward with the previously announced figures for 2012 (Ready to Believe You Peter with Taxi Cab Ghost, The Rookie, Dana as Zuul) and a fourth figure in the fall, to be announced. These figures will be available at our regular monthly sales. Like our other lines, costs have risen since the brand was launched and the price of the 6″ figures will increase to $22 each.

Now on to brighter news. In celebration of the boo bustin’ boys’ favorite time of the year, we’re going to re-release some of your favorite figures during a special Ghostbusters Halloween sale. The sale will run from 10/17 through 10/31, and it’s the perfect time to fill in any missing characters in your collection and stock up on favorites. But wait… yes, there’s more! Not only will we have a great selection of characters, the October 17 sale will also bring the long-awaited Ghost Trap prop, plus the return of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Again, on behalf of the team, thanks for being a loyal fan. Long live the Ghostbusters!


Thanks to Brian Backur for the heads up!

Christopher Maldonado was a ghosthead.

Sad news out of California today – Chris Maldonado, co-founder of the Inland Empire Ghostbusters, passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack. He was in hospital at the time, having been admitted a couple of days earlier feeling poorly. I didn’t know Christopher other than in passing through his team and on the GBFans boards and I’m not sure of his age, but it’s easy to see in photos that he was far too young. It’s also clear that he loved the time his team spent out amoung the community and that his passing is a great loss to more than just his family and friends.

All our thoughts and condolences to his loved ones and teammates.

IGT gets set to roll out Ghostbusters slot machine! Video demo!

That took awhile – remember when we first talked about the Ghostbusters themed slot machine from International Game Technology? Well, it’s ready to go – look for it in a casino near you.

Ghostbusters on Center Stage Duo

“Who ya gonna call for an ectoplasmic good time?” IGT, that’s who. Introducing IGT’s new slot phenomenon-The Ghostbusters Video Slot.

During base game play, expanding wilds ooze with winnings and scatter wilds frighten. There’s definitely something here. Watch for Slimer, demon dogs, or other ghostly aberrations haunting the game with extra credits, wilds or multipliers.

In the bonus gateway, players can enter a world of paranormal progressives where Slimer picks from several bonus events including five progressive levels displayed on a shared 55″ LCD screen.

Video clip integration and symbol animations feature well-loved and familiar Ghostbusters movie clips and voice over. Grab your proton pack. Experience Ghostbusters Video Slots today.

Best part of the official product page’s content is that they put Ernie in a blue lab-coat in order to match the other guys. In fact, Winston is well represented throughout the product. Which is nice.

Big thanks to JD Raimer for the heads up that the product out!

Ghostbusters gets theatrical release this October! [UPDATE]

Well, this is interesting news. Park Circus, a distribution middleman for old movies – hang on, let me cover this first, then I’ll carry on…

Films, provided there’s a copy to show, can always be shown in theaters, you just have to pay for the public viewing rights. This isn’t a huge amount of money, so typically studios can’t be bothered to handle the logistics of this – this is why you occasionally see a big deal being made about the Godfather having a re-release to theaters on an anniversary – that’s actually the studio stamping a clean and shiny new print, and releasing it into a single screen in bigger towns. As a re-release, they can take a cut of the first few weeks admissions, as is typical, but mostly they’re looking to make money hyping the franchise and getting you to buy home video, etc.

This is where sub-distributors come in – a lot of these are companies that have collected old prints of a film and are loaning them out. Some just handle the public license and its up to the exhibitor to find a print (this is a more recent thing, when a lot of theaters are fine with running a DVD or Blu-ray copy.)

OK, now to carry on – Park Circus has announced today that they are making a re-issue of Ghostbusters available to exhibitors this October. This is eye-brow raising, as Park Circus appears to be more specialized as a distributor, in that every year they pick one or two films in their catalogs, make new prints as well as promotional materials. This is not the same as a studio re-releasing a film, but it does have some similarities, like the clean new prints – Ghostbusters is an obvious choice, as ever year, it’s repertoire screenings grow, so a new print is a good investment for the company.

So where will it be screening? Good question. Park Circus made the announcement just today, and are likely just now finalizing exhibitors. It is available to theaters worldwide, so it could show up in your town. More details to come so stay tuned.

Thanks to Todd of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia for the link.

A bit more movement on this – the day after we posted the news from the distributor, the official Sony Ghostbusters facebook page went from a zombie page to lots of activity, with the admins posting lots of as-if-they-were-real Ghostbusters posts about big things coming, ultimately leading to the release of the Ghostbusters trailer with the October re-release news at the end.

Plus, IGN’s #1 Ghostbusters fan, Greg Miller, is as excited as you’d expect.