Ghostbusters Video-Rarities Clip-Mix!

A few weeks back the Ghostbusters of Alberta and the Ghostbusters of British Columbia met up at Vancouver’s VCON 36 and they invited me along to an evening con screening of Ghostbusters, during which we did nothing but talk over the entire thing, dissecting it to a crazy degree. I brought along 30ish minutes of a video clip-mix, filled with odds and ends, including a few hard-to-find bits. And, seeing as it’s Ghostbusters season, Halloween, I figure I’ll share with those of you that couldn’t make it.

Blast from the past – Mick Smiley talks about Ghostbusters track!

Years back, MTV added Mick Smiley’s music video, Magic, to their online archives – exciting, as it was a rarity. Then MTV geo-locked their archives, leaving the rest of the world out in the cold. Then someone added a copy to YouTube (all good things come to YouTube.)

But that’s not all – Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of a number of great books on pop culture history, managed to track down and briefly talk to Mick himself, giving us a small look behind the scenes of the Ghostbusters soundtrack (for example, Mick doesn’t think the video aired on MTV… and yet they seem to think they did!)

Nice work, Marc!

Spencer’s selling GB ties

Not something you can wear to work (well, not for most people), but if you ever find an appropriate time to wear a tie AND show your love of Ghostbusters, you’ll need one of these, currently available at Spencer’s Gifts for $9.99 – thanks to Brian Roland for the picture!