Why so sad? Plenty of all-new Ghostbusters on the way…

Ghostbusters #6 CoverPeaks and valleys of Ghostbusters III news got you down? It’s okay, kids – that’s Hollywood. Welcome to our every day rollercoaster of emotions out here in Tinseltown. But here’s something that you can take comfort in knowing: there’s plenty of new and unexplored Ghostbusters material on the horizon if IDW’s most recent issue has anything to say about it.

As you no doubt gathered from my near (okay totally) gushing look at Ghostbusters #3, I’ve been a huge fan of the on-going series since day one, and the creative team behind the book hasn’t let up since. The quality of issue six is on par with the previous installments and continues weaving the threads introduced in issue five. Plenty of in-jokes and references are still abound but just as in the previous five issues, aren’t distracting and overly in your face. In fact, the addition of a certain “guest star” character fits in seamlessly and doesn’t feel forced. It actually opens up the storytelling to allow Burnham and the rest of the creative team to infuse stories that have been left needing to be told and sets this on-going series into a cool and exciting canon where the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see who else shows up in every panel.

Admittedly, I have to look up a whole lot of the easter eggs after reading each issue – and usually look toward fellow longtime Ghosthead Fritz for his encyclopedic knowledge to lead an epiphany or two.

You like how I’ve been vague to keep you spoiler-free? Here’s where I’ll venture into spoiler territory, so if you wish to remain unspoiled, click on over to one of the other offerings here on Proton Charging. Perhaps a t-shirt? Or seeking out Chris’ mash-up of “Barbara Streisand” with our favorite fourth Ghostbuster. Go ahead… I won’t blame you, it’s okay.

With every panel, Erik Burnham just continues to impress. Threads for future storylines are woven in with expert precision teasing just enough to intrigue you but keep the main story moving. Spot-on dialogue that has impressed me so much continues to have a consistent level of quality. There’s an interaction between previously mentioned guest-star Kylie Griffin and Ray over the phone that had me giggling with glee – and with a comedic touch worthy of the series, Burnham flawlessly drops a one, two, three punch of gags in one panel – ending with a punctuated caption “Five minutes of explanation later…” The book lives and breathes everything that’s great about the series, I can’t speak any higher of the quality of writing six books in.

(Dapper) Dan Schoening’s art just keeps getting better and better as he’s figuring out his sequential style more and more. Detail has increased amazingly even though I’m sure the workload and schedule of a regular monthly book has to be grueling. Proton packs now have a finer level of detail (which I understand was one of the biggest complaints of earlier installments by some of the ah… more… particular fans). Ray and Peter go target practicing at a carnival game and the enthusiasm in the art and the character rendering is so energetic and fun, you can almost hear the sound effects and playful Elmer Bernstein score emanating from the page. And Delgado’s colors enhance the experience further, making every page pop and shine.

My only complaint comes in the final moments of number six’s storytelling – a possessed Peter Venkman feels like it’s been done to me, but I’ll be interested to see where the creative team takes it since they haven’t failed to impress yet. Hopefully it leads to more surprises on the horizon.

Three issues ago, I was commenting on the love and attention that you can feel exude from the book and it hasn’t stopped after the next three issues. Back in December, I did everything but beg PC readers to hop on board because they owed it to themselves, and it still rings true. Run. Don’t walk. And I can’t stress how much I hope that I’m still getting to gush about this book when it reaches issue one hundred. Because if my calculations are correct, even if the internet rumor mill continues to run rampant with good and bad news about a third movie, over the course of another 94 issues of IDW’s series we’re gonna see some serious shi– wait… wrong movie.

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