We Are Legion: Tyrese Gibson

Actor Tyrese “Transformers” Gibson was at CinemaCon as a mentor to new filmmakers and talked about about his early exposure to the world of cinema;

Oddly enough, Gibson’s first cinema memory came not in a cinema but at home, on videotape. “I don’t remember going to the theatre,” he said at the theatre operators’ closing-night gala. But he noted his first favourites on VHS were Back to the Future (1985) and Ghostbusters (1984). “These were, somehow, the only two VHS tapes that we had in our house. So, I must have seen Back to the Future over 150 times. We knew all the words to both the movies.”

Hey, does this Tumblr post still work?

I set up a Tumblr account for PC ages back, and it looks like in an upgrade somewhere, Tumblrize (which auto-posted to Tumblr) broke. So, this is a test to see if I’ve got it working again. If you’re a Tumblr user, please let me know, as I’m trying to make PC available through as many social networks as possible.
Now, for no reason, other than to test the system, I’m including this picture. Enjoy!

There is no Dana, only Queues… [UPDATE]

Dana Barett (c/o MattyCollector.com)

Dana Barett (c/o MattyCollector.com)MattyCollector.com is slowly announcing their San Diego Comic-Con 2012 product line up, and sure enough the sultry Miss Dana Barrett (in her Gatekeeper form, opposed to the long-demanded “Concerto Dana Barrett, with Quick-Action Cello”) will be one of the toys on sale at the con. The figure sells for $25 and voucher pre-sales begin from 5/30 at 9am PT through 6/14 at 11:59 pm PT. As before, it sounds like if supplies exist after the convention, they will be sold online via the Matty site.

Hopping in line now is probably a wise move…

MattyCollector.com has added additional pictures of the figure, both the sitting and standing positions.
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Bad Taste Bears to release Murray, a GB inspired bear figure. NSFW-ish

Bad Taste Bears, purveyors of exceptionally tasteless figures of bears being… well, tasteless, have had a long run of popular movie inspired figures and they’ve just announced their next line of these Movie Bears will include Murray, a familiar and unfortunate bear getting a faceful of ghost. Kind of like Venkman meeting Slimer, only far far worse. You’ll know what we mean from the pics.
It should go without saying, any link you follow here has some level of NSFW going on.
Thanks to Gary for the link!