Ghostbusters soundtrack used by military in psyche warfare?

Presented with the unusual situation of wanting to arrest Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega, but not being able to actually attack the consulate he was seeking refuge in (a Vatican consulate, no less), the US military turned to psychological warfare – in this case, blasting music at the compound so he could not sleep. It worked – he did give up.

Then, while listening to this week’s episode of The Caustic Soda Podcast – all about bizarre music stories – I found out that Cleaning Up The Town by The Bus Boys (from the Ghostbusters soundtrack), was on the approved playlist the military used.

As crazy and dark as this is, you have to admit – it’s not a song designed to let you sleep.

Gitmo’s Boombox: Does an official “Music Torture” song list actually exist? | Darren Garnick’s Culture Schlock.

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