4K resolution, re-mastered Ghostbusters Blu-ray goes on sale May 7th!

It was announced in February that Sony would be releasing a selection of Blu-ray films that had been remastered for the new 4K TVs and players. 4K, in short, is double the current resolution standards on a HDTV (1080p), and is likened to being IMAX / near original resolution.

But I don’t have a 4K TV or Blu-ray player, you are saying? No, few do – they are very very expensive, BUT so were HDTVs not so long ago, so we’ll get there, eventually. In the meantime, there are two very good reasons to get this disc set; The first is that it doesn’t require a 4K system – you can still watch it on your HDTV set-up and should get an improved picture regardless (just not the full 4K.) Secondly, given the color/contrast mess of the DVD-Blu-ray releases of Ghostbusters to date, Ghostbusters is one of only three that Sony is going back to source materials on, and using a new master print. This is very exciting!

The disc is out May 7th and retails at $19.99, but Amazon is selling it at $13.99.

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