Column: The Private Sector – Somebody Turn on the Lights!

Sorry guys, I was out on a smoke break (and I don’t even smoke, isn’t that weird). What’d I miss?

(Pauses as he hears about Chris putting the site into cryofreeze)…

Oh? Is that all? Okay.

No, do not adjust your sets, you’re not in some crazy time vortex where the site has auto-updated and posted an old article. Chris has given me the okay to post from time to time here on PC to keep some new content running in addition to the Broadsheets (how cool are those) and I thought, why not jump back in with another Private Sector.

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There is no Dana, only Queues… [UPDATE]

Dana Barett (c/o

Dana Barett (c/o is slowly announcing their San Diego Comic-Con 2012 product line up, and sure enough the sultry Miss Dana Barrett (in her Gatekeeper form, opposed to the long-demanded “Concerto Dana Barrett, with Quick-Action Cello”) will be one of the toys on sale at the con. The figure sells for $25 and voucher pre-sales begin from 5/30 at 9am PT through 6/14 at 11:59 pm PT. As before, it sounds like if supplies exist after the convention, they will be sold online via the Matty site.

Hopping in line now is probably a wise move…

[UPDATE] has added additional pictures of the figure, both the sitting and standing positions.
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Why so sad? Plenty of all-new Ghostbusters on the way…

Ghostbusters #6 Cover

Ghostbusters #6 CoverPeaks and valleys of Ghostbusters III news got you down? It’s okay, kids – that’s Hollywood. Welcome to our every day rollercoaster of emotions out here in Tinseltown. But here’s something that you can take comfort in knowing: there’s plenty of new and unexplored Ghostbusters material on the horizon if IDW’s most recent issue has anything to say about it.

As you no doubt gathered from my near (okay totally) gushing look at Ghostbusters #3, I’ve been a huge fan of the on-going series since day one, and the creative team behind the book hasn’t let up since. The quality of issue six is on par with the previous installments and continues weaving the threads introduced in issue five. Plenty of in-jokes and references are still abound but just as in the previous five issues, aren’t distracting and overly in your face. In fact, the addition of a certain “guest star” character fits in seamlessly and doesn’t feel forced. It actually opens up the storytelling to allow Burnham and the rest of the creative team to infuse stories that have been left needing to be told and sets this on-going series into a cool and exciting canon where the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see who else shows up in every panel. Continue reading “Why so sad? Plenty of all-new Ghostbusters on the way…”

A Whole Lotta Ghostbusters #3 Love…

GB3 Cover Clipping

It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but IDW’s on-going series has something in common with the Muppets movie currently out in theaters: love. Finishing reading the publisher’s latest third book in the on-going series, it’s abundantly clear that the creative team behind the book pours their love of the series into each and every panel. Much like the creative team behind the recent Muppets film, you can tell that every person involved with IDW’s series loves and respects the source material and knows the ebbs and flows which made the source material so successful. Tone, structure, everything is replicated to the finest detail. The result is an experience that gives you that same whimsical giddiness that you used to get as an eight-year old watching Real Ghostbusters, when the opening title song would kick in and you knew that something new and exciting was coming up…

There’s a fine line when love is involved in the creation of something that separates a worthy addition to a series from an overwrought fan fiction that just leaves you scratching your head wondering what the hell just happened. The new Ghostbusters on-going has proven that it firmly lives in the worthy addition side of that battlefield. The nods to Ecto-Cooler, Ghostbusters: Video Game, and tons of in-jokes among Real Ghostbusters fans (pay attention to the billboards during a certain battle scene in the third issue for an abundance of winks and nods) are plenty. And while it may seem like the references would weigh down the narrative and be overwhelming, they’re not… if you notice them, you notice them – but if not, you’re so wrapped up in the engaging running storyline and Erik Burnham’s spot-on dialogue characteristics of each character that you’ll probably notice them on your second, or even third read. Which is quite telling of the quality of the book, you’ll put it down and want to go back and re-read it right away.

Especially telling of the love and detail given to the book are the Walter Peck P.C.O.C. Files in the back of every book. What originally felt like was going to turn into a subplot b-story that ran with the book has now turned into a fun supplement that enhances the entry that you just read. Not only are the files themselves a joy to read, but the “annotations” that are peppered throughout as the document (which has gone through various incarnations of approvals, notes, and redaction through the usual bureaucracy) make the “bonus feature” a robust and fun experience all its own.

While most series enjoy a solid first issue, a drop in the second, and a bit of a lull in the third, Ghostbusters continues to fire on all cylinders and if you’re even a casual Ghostbusters fan, you owe it to yourself to hop on board. Reading each of the past three issues, I’ve felt like I’m reading and being a part of something special, something that rarely fans of licensed properties get to enjoy. It’s a fun ride and I can’t wait for #4.