New year, new layout

I wasn’t particularly happy with the last system, so a little research, a little tinkering, and viola! Proton Charging, the 2007 model.

There are still a few things I need to tweak and a lot of old material to get posted, but you’re looking at about 85-90% final.

Please note the new end URL (for those of you that bookmarked;

PC v.4.1

You might notice a little something odd about PC – don’t be alarmed, I’ve just incorporated the posting system, archives, and general goodness of Moveable Type into the website. I’ve been posting news to Proton Charging the hard way for the better part of ten years. I figure that’s enough. Plus, in spite of periods lean on news, PC has generated enough material over the years that archiving it in a fashion that’s useful to me and you has become a requirement.

So, you’ll notice things slowly changing as I move old news and articles to the new system – in the meantime they’ll remain as they are. Those items already archived may appear a little oddly – there are still a few bugs to work out.


News items have comments, which will allow you, gentle PC reader, to, well, comment. The term is misleading though – the system is so that PC readers can contribute to the news; found a sweet deal on the DVD? Let readers know! But, it’s not a message board – the GB community has enough of those already. The comment system isn’t a right – anything that doesn’t fit the PC vibe gets trashed. It’s a bit of an experiment that I’d like to see work, so no horsing around.