Ghostbusters Art: Jorge Parras

Remember the whirlwind of magazines trumpeting the Ghostbusters video game last month? And do you remember the Spanish magazine, Xtreme? Well, the magazine remains un-found in English speaking Ghostbuster circles, but it’s internal art, commissioned for its retro gaming article has made its way online, including this awesome full-page spread by Jorge Parras.

Taking advantage of our exclusive right cover, we reviewed in Retro all the had games and by having of Ghostbusters. Jorge Parras nailed the most showy characteristics of the film, with special attention for a wonderful image of Egon with the bizcochito.

We’ve learned that Twinkie, in Spanish, is “bizcochito”. It’s educational!

The Scourge of Carpathia, The Sorrow of Moldavia…

…The Decorations of the Lucasfilm Ranch.

I am vigo!

Jas (aka Venkman9993592. That’s a lot) sent me this link to a behind-the-scenes video from Conan O’Brien’s visit to the Lucasfilm Ranch. A number of boss items from Ghostbusters 2 were known to reside there, including a full body Slimer rig, but it was nice to confirm once and for all where the Vigo painting ended up. Go about two thirds of the way in to find the part with Vigo. I wonder if they have a copy of the transformed painting as well?

Speaking of The Scourge of Carpathia.

[UPDATE] Whoops. AJ Quick points out something I skimmed over – a Scoleri brother (I’m at work, leave me alone.)
“I tried them for murder!”
Gave em the chair

I didn’t paint it, I’m just cleaning it.

Andrew Ellis contacted me to show me a painting he did that he’s looking to sell. While he could get instant attention on Ebay, he’s hoping to find it a home with a fan like himself. I’d buy it, but my GB art budget is gone for the year (and it’s not even April, I know.) So if you’re looking for a unique conversation piece for the living room, you should get in touch with Andrew (and be sure to check out his other art while you’re there.)