GB fans found at Valve software

Ghostbusters fans show up in the strangest places.

While trying out Sierra Studio’s new first-person shoot-em-up, Half-Life, the staff of Proton Charging noticed something odd. There’s a big gun, that fires a stream of destructive particles, that is referred to in the game’s control console as “Egon”. On a whim Proton Charging emailed the game’s developers, Valve to ask them about it.
Valve staff replied quickly;

“The ‘official’ name of the weapon is the Gluon Gun, but in development we always called it the Egon Gun… because it looks like the Ghostbuster weapon.”

Click here for a shot of the gun in action.

Amazing Fans Pt.1: Making Dolls

Many Ghostbuster fans have started detailing their passion online. Some build props, others make art or write fan fiction. And some get really creative. Jade, a fan of a number of cartoons, has started making her own Ghostbuster dolls, like the RGB team pictured here. Using hand painted wood and handmade cloth bodies Jade has created some amazing dolls.

Not 100% happy with available GB toys? Make your own! Keep up the neat work Jade.

[UPDATE] After a long dormancy, Jade has resurfaced – read more here.