Lego minifig decals for teeny tiny little Ghostbusters!

There are two ways to turn your Lego minifigs into Ghostbusters. Well, three, if you count using your imagination. Pfft. Imagination if for kids and suckers!

No, what you want to do is either buy unofficial third-party Lego equipment or do like this guy, and make decal/stickers to apply to the minifig bodies. Anybody with a little photoshop talent could do this themselves, but hey, if someone has already done the heavy lifting, $6 is a steal!

Lego actually does both – spacemen have cool spacesuit decals on the front, but air tank equipment on the back, not a flat sticker like the proton packs shown here (as awesome as they are). So, I guess I’m arguing, buy a sheet of these decals as well as the GB Lego equipment, and put the two together!

Thanks to Rodger for the link!

IDW GBs sell out issues 2-3. Reprints ordered, new covers! And ish #5!

Contributing artist Tristan Jones gave an early heads up on Facebook that IDW’s Ghostbusters monthly series has completely sold out on issues #2 and #3 – don’t worry if you missed them though, there will be reprints, complete with new covers. Tristan is contributing the cover to ish #2 reprint, check it out below (remind anyone of a particular movie poster? Plus, check out the awesome A and B covers for issue #5!

IGT gets set to roll out Ghostbusters slot machine! Video demo!

That took awhile – remember when we first talked about the Ghostbusters themed slot machine from International Game Technology? Well, it’s ready to go – look for it in a casino near you.

Ghostbusters on Center Stage Duo

“Who ya gonna call for an ectoplasmic good time?” IGT, that’s who. Introducing IGT’s new slot phenomenon-The Ghostbusters Video Slot.

During base game play, expanding wilds ooze with winnings and scatter wilds frighten. There’s definitely something here. Watch for Slimer, demon dogs, or other ghostly aberrations haunting the game with extra credits, wilds or multipliers.

In the bonus gateway, players can enter a world of paranormal progressives where Slimer picks from several bonus events including five progressive levels displayed on a shared 55″ LCD screen.

Video clip integration and symbol animations feature well-loved and familiar Ghostbusters movie clips and voice over. Grab your proton pack. Experience Ghostbusters Video Slots today.

Best part of the official product page’s content is that they put Ernie in a blue lab-coat in order to match the other guys. In fact, Winston is well represented throughout the product. Which is nice.

Big thanks to JD Raimer for the heads up that the product out!

Last of the Rock Homage IDW Ghostbusters covers revealed.

Nick Runge has posted the art for the fourth and last of the rock album inspired alternate covers for IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters comic series (starting next month!). The first was KISS, the second and third were The Beatles and Queen respectively, and the final album cover homage is U2’s Joshua Tree. Check out Nick’s post on the cover (including a look at its final layout and colour tweaks) on his website.

[VIA Spook Central]

IDW sneak-peaks ish #1 of Ghostbusters monthly! [UPDATE] Burnham interview!

[UPDATE] Comic Book Resource posted the same sneak pages today, but they also sat down with writer Erik Burnham. Read the interview here!

We’re now around a month away from getting our hands on the first issue of IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters comic, but IDW wants to keep us in high gear anticipation by providing us with the first six pages of the first issue.

Avoid if you don’t want any spoilers. Read away if you want a giant heap of awesome. I was curious how the tone of the book would be – I’m confident this is going to strike a good chord with comic and Ghostbusters fans.

Big thanks to Tristan Jones, who will be providing the back-up features for each issue (as well as a creepy as Hell cover for issue #3), for sending this to us.

Click for full size!