Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary Prizes and events! Blu-ray and more!

[UPDATE] So, it looks as if we’ll have Blu-ray’s from Sony, copies of the game and other swag from Atari, game skins from Gamer Graffix, print and e-guides from Prima, signed copies of Game Informer from Terminal Reality (and I mean SIGNED), and some items I’ll be pulling from the Proton Charging collection.

But it’s not June yet, so stay tuned for Details!


So, as we head into June and the anniversary month for Ghostbusters (25 years! Doesn’t look a day over 20) Proton Charging has a lot of exciting news to share – specific details to come, but suffice to say, it’s going to keep me busy (like running this place isn’t enough work.)

For starters, we’re going to be giving away prizes from Sony, Terminal Reality, Atari, and more!

And then we’ve got not one, but TWO anniversary screenings here in Vancouver. And finally, it looks like we’re going to have a midnight release party in conjunction with Gamestop!

And it doesn’t end there, I just can’t talk about it yet! This is going to be an amazing Summer. And then I’m taking 2010 off.

So, more on all of this in the coming days, but for now, let’s all watch the Blu-ray trailer again.

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Proton Charging V.5 beta – time for an overhaul

Yes, I realize some awesome pals helped me update my old WP theme so it didn’t break everything. But over the last few months I’ve had to come to grips with the idea that Ghostbusters news is coming too fast and too furious – news items posted in the morning are buried by the end of the day. People send me links to news items posted weeks previous. All of it a clear indication that Proton Charging needs a way to feature certain stories, to keep them in plain sight while the news trundles on. So, time for an overhaul.

And overhaul means I’ve got lots of tinkering left to do before I’m happy, and hopefully you’re all happy. But right now, the news continues to flow, so that’s uninterrupted – only the peripheral bits are still under heavy construction.

Hang in there gang!

First look at second IDW Ghostbusters comic series

IO9 has posted some covers and art from IDW’s follow-up to last year’s Ghostbusters: The Other Side – and hey, it’s all about time-travel! Not to mention, the guys pick up a fifth buster – and she’s fierce! Created by the same team that did IDW’s Galaxy Quest series, Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis, Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression is another four-part limited series. Head to IO9 to check out the sneaky-peaky. Thanks to the ArtMonkey Dave and Mr. Hough for the heads up.