More Steampunk Ghostbusters equipment

Big ups to Patrick for sending in this clip of some Steampunk-styled ghostbusting equipment from Oklahoma. This would be – assuming the first punk pack seen at Comic Con years back is a part of the Legion of Steam – the second Steampunk inspired Ghostbusters team.

Hey, is that a Giga-meter?

Jack Rossi sent in this YouTube clip from a short PSA encouraging people to ride the LA Blue Line… using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Aren’t they New York-based?

Anyhow, Jack spotted the villain waving around a familiar piece of equipment! This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise – a number of GB2 props were sold off to prop rental houses…

Mattel pondering next prop and wants you to help them decide!

Mattel put out the call on and their Facebook page today – they want to know what prop you’d like to see them make next and how much you’d be willing to pay. Your choices are Ecto-Goggles, Ghost trap, and the holy grail, a proton pack. I’m going to turn off the comments, as discussion here is awesome, but I don’t need to know what you’d like – THEY need to know what you’d like.

So, go to their forums or Facebook and be heard.

AZGBs spread the Xmas spirit!

Christmas time means Ghostbusters teams cheering up kids! Here’s an email I got from the Arizona GBs;

On Tuesday, December 21st, 2010, the Arizona Ghostbusters made their annual holiday visits to the local children’s hospitals to deliver toys collected in the toy drive held earlier in the month. For the toy drive and these visits the Arizona Ghostbusters teamed up with the local Children’s Cancer Network. The toys are distributed to children undergoing treatment at each of the hospitals.

Our first stop of the morning was at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This was actually our 3rd visit to this hospital. We stopped by the outpatient wing and set up the toys in a meeting room. Children came in one at a time to pick out their toys. If they didn’t find something they liked we gave them a gift card.

Our second stop was at Cardon’s Children’s Medical Center. At this hospital we set up the toys and a Christmas tree in the playroom. Here the children were told we were coming ahead of time so the were coming out of their rooms and followed us to the room or were already there anxiously waiting for us.

I have too many stories to tell from these visits. We look forward to these visits all year round. They are both the greatest and hardest events we do each year. It is so unbelievably hard to see children in the hospital at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. We all had emotional moments, I choked back tears several times, but you realize that while some of these children are in going through alot, you really are brightening up their day, if even for a moment, and that’s why we were there and that’s what we did. I can’t express what a great feeling that is. We worked hard to collect these toys and we got to see a happy kids walk away with them. We’d like to thank the hospitals and the Children’s Cancer Network for allowing us to make these visits.

Nice work, gang. Check out their visit photos here!