Sony adds Ghostbusters to Vita!

Ghosthead and IGN writer, Greg Miller, filed a story today that Sony will be releasing some Ghostbusters DLC into their unique, but not quite set-the-world-on-fire, fighting game on the PS Vita; Reality Fighters.

In short, you take a picture of your face, place it on a character, design the character how you want, then fight with that character… in the real world (via augmented reality using the Vita’s camera) – in short, a mini-you fights on desktops, or a table at the food court, or whatever. Reviews have been typed. And that seems to be about it.

But now, Sony is trying to lure people in with new themed DLC, allowing you to give your avatars more weapons, and moves, and costumes. In this case, you can be a Ghostbuster, with a proton pack, or even Mr. Stay-Puft (though you can’t map your face onto him, which is fine, right?)

This is not the first time Sony has used their ready access to the license to spruce up their consoles – PS3 owners will recall all the GB swag released as part of their Home virtual reality world.

The Ghostbusters pack is out May 22nd in North America (no word on the wide world yet, but soon I’m sure), will cost $2.99, and give you two costumes (mentioned above) along with three weapons – the proton pack, the ghost trap, and the Ecto-1. Go read Greg’s article for all the details and screenshots!