DST unable to produce Ecto-1s, has pondered prop replicas

In case you’ve ever stared at their Back to the Future Delorean model and wondered; no, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum cannot produce an Ecto-1, according to their license with Sony. This has come up a few times in the past, but it was confirmed today in the most recent Art Asylum Q&A. This is not a surprise, as this is something Sony likely keeps separate, allowing other companies, like Joyride, to produce their die-cast replicas.

At the same time, they haven’t entirely ruled out prop replicas – rather, they could make them, and they have thought about making them, but at this time, it’s just them thinking about it – no serious plans to date. Still, hope springs in turtles.

Will there be more Deloreans this year for bttf’s 25th anniversary and or surprises?:) Also, what about an ecto-1 car in 1/15th scale and a miniature for the minimates? There could even be two versions from both films. I think people really enjoy having different scales, not to mention that it leaves open the opportunity for 6 inch figs later. And for that matter why not an electronic prop replica of the proton pack ? Not only do you have the Ghost Buster license but you manufacture prop replicas…its totally obvious? With the newer film most likely Mattel will have the license and over simplify the toys due to mass production and moms groups who are concerned for their children. The same thing happened to dark knight resulting in crap like bola trap batman. I don’t believe that was in the film unless I fell asleep for thirty minutes, but I doubt it because the film was flippin awesome. So as you can see…. your our only hope. Thanks for reading all that. I appreciate it!

DSTChuck: Yes we do have another time machine planned, we’re calling it Rail Ready with the train tires. Ecto-1 vehicles are not currently allowed in our license. I have to be honest we have considered a proton pack or ghost trap replica but nothing is in the works.

Art Asylum – more packaging, more Minimates in 2010 and Scoleri Brothers?

The Art Asylum blog is alive with Ghostbusters, both in their weekly Q&A and sneak-peaks at packaging.

Slimer Bank packaging!

Ecto-1 License plate replica!

Jacob Bartlett
I love the Ghostbusters Minimates! Thank you for bringing these awesome new things to fans! If you plan on doing a series three, I would like to see: Janine, the Rookie (from the game), the Scoleri Brothers from the 2nd film, and Vigo. Thanks again for making something great for GB fans!

DSTChuck: Some of the ones you list are VERY high on our list as well, so I think you’ll be happy but I think as far as the game goes we’re most likely going to keep it to that one box set.

Ethan Williams
Great work on the Ghostbusters Minimates! Do you have any plans for Real Ghostbusters Minimates? Also, why does the Slimer in the Louis/Slimer 2-pack have a painted on nose? I thought Minimates lacked noses as a matter of principle (the other Slimer figures lack noses as well)?

DSTChuck: Right now our license does not allow for Real Ghostbusters – but that could change. For now Sony and DST want to concentrate on more adult oriented collector product and the animation in some eyes skews the property younger. I keep meaning to ask the guys in NY about that nose, I’ll try and remember to ask next time we have call.

Gary Tabar
Is there any possibility of more Ghostbuster Minimates sets, since many of us are buying the Toys R Us exclusive sets, and don’t want additional figures to obtain the boxed only figures, like Dana and possessed Louis. Also, the Toys R Us exclusive sets are selling out everywhere as soon as they arrive… will series I and II continue to ship for any foreseeable future? We drove 250 miles the other day JUST trying to complete both series, and we are still missing a few sets. (Since we also have real life full uniforms and gear, we even picked up a Battlestar set, so we could make Minimate Ghostbusters of ourselves! They have been very popular with the biggest Ghostbuster fan/prop building web site, gbfans.com since release.) http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb2/Gareee_photos/GhostBusters/MinimateGB3.jpg

DSTChuck: Gary, I would say at this point it’s more then possible, it’s probable that there will be more GB Minimates in 2010. I can not say that figures from one outlet will cross over to the next, so if you want to be sure, unfortunately you will need to pick up the comic store sets. I think the sales of GB in some of TRU’s stores caught them off guard and we’re all very sorry fans have not been able to pick up the figures in local stores. For series one we figured sales would be a little less then a Marvel release and for series two we created qty equal to a Marvel release, so in both case it was NTO our intention to short the market.

Custom decal kit for making more ghostly Minimates!

Luke’s Toy Store has produced a sheet of water applicable decals (like you get in model kits) that you can apply to Minimate blanks (or old Minimates you don’t mind messing with) to create more Minimatey monsters for your Ghostbusters Minimates to fight!

Ghostbusters Minimates Beware! The Gruesome Ghosts Decal Kit has arrived at Luke’s Toy Store

Luke’s Toy Store is proud to announce the Gruesome Ghosts Minimate Decal Kit! This waterslide decal kit will allow you to create 10 creepy ghosts for your Ghostbusters Minimates to battle. You won’t have to worry about hunting for parts, as most of the ghosts can be made by combining parts from 2 Minimate box sets that are currently available. It is a fun and easy way to expand your Minimate collection. These decals have been designed so that anyone can apply them using only a bowl of water and a sharp scissors or hobby knife. After a little practice you can make a brand new Gruesome Ghost in as little as 10 minutes!
Read more about the Gruesome Ghosts Minimate Decal Kit at Luke’s Toy Store here: http://lukestoystore.com/exclusives.html