Who ya gonna call? Ghost Widget!

With two weeks until the release of the Ghostbusters video game, Intel and Atari have released their Ghostbusters widget! Help spread the word – add the widget to your website. Tell the world through Twitter, Facebook, and more!

[UPDATE] The parts of the widget for social networking won’t go live for awhile yet, in conjunction with the Intel contest, so stay tuned.

Simply click the embed code button at the bottom of the widget, copy, and paste onto your website!

New game trailer for E3!

Atari has released another trailer for E3, and it’s lots more stuff we haven’t seen (but is short enough it’s fairly harmless, spoilier-wise.) Nods to Ron Daniels and Winston18 at the GBfans.com forums for the heads up.

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North America PSP release of Ghostbusters game confirmed – by X-mas is hoped.

While Sony’s announcement earlier in the month that they would be publishing the Playstation versions of the Ghostbusters video game, and that a PSP version was coming, it was never clear what the release scope of that PSP port would be. Gamespot spoke to Atari CEO David Gardner, and confirmed that the PSP would make its way to North America, hopefully before Christmas 2009. For the whole article, read here.

New Atari trailer for Ghostbusters videogame

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(don’t forget – the play has a full screen button – you may want it for this one)

[UPDATE] – Quicktime HD version can be downloaded here.

Atari has released a new trailer, which features some amazing stuff, when compared to the amazing-in-its-own-right teaser released by Activision earlier in the year. Not only do we get a better look at the boys, we get to hear them quip! Plus, keep an eye out for our favorite EPA bureaucratic. The only thing notably absent (or more accurately, hard to see) in the trailer is The Rookie – I was kind of wondering if they’d keep the original model, seeing as it was based on Sierra producer Ryan French.

Thanks to the TONNES of you that sent in links and a reminder to all of you that opted to post in comments – that’s not the best way to let PC readers know, as PC readers don’t consistently read the comments. Please send that stuff my way, so I can be sure to put it front and center, where it deserves to be.

[UPDATE] The PC Flickr photo-set of the trailer can be found here. The Rookie does show up more than I’d at first thought, but he is still way less Ryan-looking than before, I think. Time will tell.