William Atherton the GB cameo for Halloween Castle?

It’s just been announced that William Atherton will play a cryogenics expert in an October episode of the ABC police mystery, Castle (starring Nathan Fillion). This looks a lot like he will be the Ghostbusters alumnus to make a cameo on the Ghostbusters referential Halloween episode, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet. This does conflict with the producer’s public wish that they get Aykroyd to guest star. Perhaps we’ll get more than one Ghostbusters actor! Or maybe October will just be full of them making cameos in different episodes.

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Castle producer hopes for Aykroyd Halloween cameo, Frasier writer to script.

During the San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that ABC’s cop-mystery, Castle, will have a Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode. At the time, the appearance of any Ghostbusters stars was all enthusiastic speculation based around producer Laurie Zaks` quoted hope that she could get one of the original Ghostbusters on the show.

What can people expect in Season 4? A special Halloween episode, which will be Ghostbusters-themed. Executive producer Laurie Zaks said later to reporters that she hoped they could have one of the original Ghostbusters appear.

Yesterday, TV Guide`s Keck`s Exclusives column revived the story thus;

This season, Castle will mark the holidays in a big way. “We’re planning a Ghostbusters-themed episode to air on Halloween night,” reports executive producer Laurie Zaks. Who’s she gonna call to offer a guest role? Original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, of course.

It`s impossible to tell if this is drawn from the Comic-Con coverage a couple of weeks back, or Keck actually talking to Zaks, which people are to infer (probably by design) by the lack of any sort of clarification. It`s also not clear if she actually said she wants Dan Ayrkoyd to cameo or if it`s Keck`s pick (not an unreasonable – I think pretty much everyone immediately thinks of Dan as the perfect candidate, with Ernie Hudson as a close second), but regardless, the article is clear on one thing;

No offer has been made.

Not that this has stopped the follow-up by entertainment sites from changing a maybe into a definite. Screen Rant and TV Fanatic have both lifted their news from Keck, but in the translation, maybe became an absolutely – this may be academic, as said above, Ayrkoyd is a solid pick. The man loves ever chance to show Hollywood how much people love Ghostbusters. But he`s also a busy man, so until there`s a confirmation, this one should simmer for awhile.

In another interview producer Zaks`talked a bit about the new writing staff on the show, and confirmed that Malcolm in the Middle and Fraiser writer Rob Hanning will be scripting the Ghostbusters episode. You can`t go wrong letting a comedy writer handle the comedy homage.

Are there new writers on the table too?
Laurie Zaks: Yeah, two new writers. One of them was in the panel here today, Christine Boylan, who is a wonderful young writer who comes from Leverage and was on Off the Map last year. Everybody wanted her, and I used a personal relationship. I worked with her husband, who just wrote Final Destination that was here, and also The Thing. And also Rob Hanning, who’s also a wonderful writer who comes from the comedy world. Rob was on Frasier for ten years so he’s really terrific. It’s a good staff. Rob is doing the Ghostbusters episode, Christine is percolating on hers.

Stay tuned!

Nathan Fillion: Ghostbuster (but not how you think)

The Hollywood Reporter is at Comic-Con this weekend (and why wouldn’t they, the con now being super movie heavy) and sat down with Nathan Fillion to talk about the upcoming season of his hit show, Castle. The article talks a lot about what’s to come, where certain story lines may be headed, and at least one spoiler, if you haven’t caught up on the seasons. Like me. The things I suffer for this site…

But of particular interest to ghostheads is this little nugget;

What can people expect in Season 4? A special Halloween episode, which will be Ghostbusters-themed. In the second episode of the new season, there’s going to be one “with a bit of a superhero theme. I thought that might excite you, it excites me.”

Well now… I’m just going to have to get caught up on those seasons, aren’t I?