DST sez nothing slated for GB Minimates in 2012

From the latest Ask DST Blog;
Hello again. I only have one question this time: with the release of the Real Ghostbusters BoxSet #3 is this the end of the Ghostbusters Minimates line, or is there some planned for 2012? As always, thanks for answering my questions. Justin B

DSTChuck: Justin, for now we have no more plans for GB but we’re not ruling out doing more in the future.

Diamond releases first look at RGB Minimates exclusive 4 pack.

While Minimates Ray, Egon, Janine, and a host of Real Ghostbusters ghosts will be out in Toys R Us two-packs at the end of June, Diamond Select revealed today that Peter, Winston, Louis, and Mr. Stay-Puft (yes, another one) will be available as a specialty store exclusive (meaning, you have to buy it through your local comic shop or any other store that buy through Diamond’s Preview Catalog… meaning comic shops, mostly) four-pack!

A Diamond Select Release! Art Asylum Designs & Sculpts Following up on the hit Ghostbusters Movie line, DST now continues the line based on the ’80s cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters! Based on the character designs from cartoon, this specialty market exclusive four-pack includes Peter Venkman in his uniform, Winston in uniform, Staypuft (evil), Janine Melnitz, and the set exclusive Lewis Tully! Each Minimate stands 2.5″ tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories and is packed on a blister card.

Look for these to be out by the end of September 2011.

[VIA TNI and GBFans]

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Light-up Stay-Puft, Slimer, and… Statue of Liberty?

Mystery solved – that other Stay-Puft we saw was the Diamond Select piggy bank. I know this now, as I’ve found a picture of the light-up Mr. Stay-Puft, and you can’t confuse the two.

What’s a bit of surprise is that Diamond Select was showing off their light-up Statue of Liberty. It’s not walking, no Ghostbusters peeping out of her crown, nothing to distinguish her from regular New York souvenirs. And for only $70, like the Stay-Puft and Slimer! A little card says it’s still pending licensor approval – I wouldn’t hold my breath that this goes into production, not without some sort of…

OK, Diamond, pay attention; Things You Can Do To Make This More Ghostbusters-centric. (cost not accounted for)

– Put in little Ghostbusters in her crown. Subtle, but still…
– Make the stand look like water, have her head and arm sticking out like in the movie, plus Ghostbusters in crown, which are easier to see at the larger scale. Flaming torch can still light up.
– Make her look like she’s walking, about to crush a police car.
– Make her look like she’s looming over the museum, which being covered in pink slime shell could also light up.
– Any and all of the above can play Jackie Wilson’s Lifting Me Higher.

Cheapest solution;

-Keep this statue mold, put her next to the key to the city ceremony at the end of GB2 with little people standing next to her.

But at this rate, you’re well on your way to another Ghostbusters Firehall Sign-type fiasco and cancellation.

Stay-Puft is due June 2011 and the Statue of Liberty, provided it goes ahead, is due October 2011 (Right. Spooky. Good thinking.)

[VIA GBFans]

Diamond Select cancels Firehouse sign?

Brandon got an email from Big Bad Toy Store today, saying that they cannot honour pre-orders for the 26″ Ghostbusters Firehall sign, as Diamond Select has canceled production. BBTS quote to him was;

“Diamond has just informed us that this item has been discontinued and they cannot fill our order. We are very sorry for the problem on this item. We will need to cancel all orders in our system and remove the item from our site. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

It’s true, BBTS currently only lists the neon sign. This is a bit of a shock, as the logo-sign is advertised on the back of the light-up Slimer box we recently posted about.

Has anyone else pre-ordered the sign? Have you gotten any word about the order being canceled? Please chime in on the comments.

First look at light-up Slimer packaging, RGB Minimate peeks coming soon.

Art Asylum has posted two pics – front and back – of their soon-to-be-released light-up Slimer. Basically a thinner shell version of the Slimer piggy-bank they released in 2009 with a battery powered light inside, the light-up Slimer would look cool on my desk.

As well, Art Asylum is saying we can expect to see some of the upcoming RGB line of Minimates at February’s New York Toy Fair, at the latest. So, stay tuned for more on those.