Mattel explains delay of Slime-blower Winston. Art Asylum consider Trap bank.

In today’s Ask Matty, Mattel cuts to the quick about the mysteriously delayed Slime-blower Winston. Collectors rejoice, it was to make him more movie accurate;

1.) You recently announced that the Winston w/ Slime Blower was delayed. Is there any chance the delay is because you’re adding the “football pads” part of his outfit?

He is delayed to make him more accurate to the film. He will have the full vest and pads when released.

Thanks to T16skyhopp for the heads up.


In unrelated news, Art Asylum has expressed serious interest in creating a ghost-trap piggy bank to join their growing line of Ghostbusters theme piggy banks. One can only assume that means all the other banks have sold very well for them.

Pricetag of DST GB sign revealed – Proton Charging does spit-take

I have returned from abroad and find a pile of emails to catch up on, starting with this link from Ryan LeClair about the Ghostbusters firehall sign previously seen at the New York Toy Fair.

At the time, they were, unofficially, talking $150 for the sign, but it’s looking more like it will be more than double that, as Big Bad Toystore is listing it for $399 as a suggested retail price (BBT is offering it for $349. The item will be released January 2011.

A Diamond Select Release! Who you gonna call?! One of the most iconic images in movie history is now for the first time ever available for display at your home or firehouse! The Ghostbusters logo hanging outside the firehouse is now being produced by Diamond Select in exacting detail and ½ scale to the original sign used in the movie. Measuring 24″ wide by 24″ high, this sign is waterproof and comes with mounting brackets that can be used to mount outside a business or hung in your home.
Product Number: DMC11470
Shipping Weight: 14.00 pounds

Art Asylum shows off TRU Minimates boxes – OMG, Janosz has a party hat!

Art Asylum have done their usual awesome thing and posted front and side and back pics of their upcoming Ghostbusters Minimates two-packs. Already a strong line-up of figures, the series just got awesomer, at least to me…

Janosz comes with a Happy New Year party hair accessory, just like he has at the end of the film! Lookit!

Toys R Us is getting an influx of Creepy Subway Ghosts and happy dancing Statue of Liberties!

In our Wave 4, we made some important characters!

Ghostbusters 2 Peter and Slimer
Ghostbusters 2 Slimer Blower Ray and Theatre Ghost

And the exclusives:

New York City Mayor and the Subway Ghost
Possessed Janosz and the Statue of Liberty

Perfect gifts for those living in NYC, just to remind them of this Ghostbuster quote:

“You know how much negative energy would be necessary to generate a flow this size?” – Egon
“New York – what a town, huh?” -Winston