Minions of Gozer Opening Weekend draws Sold Out Crowd at the IFC Center.

(Ryan Espin is Associate Producer for the Minions of Gozer. This was written in a mostly almost unbiased way.)

An eager crowd await getting into the sold out show at the IFC Center.

A recreation of the famous sliming scene at the IFC Center. Not only was Dr. Venkman slimed, the audience got some on them as well.

The Minions of Gozer, a live Ghostbusters shadowcast, performed their debut performance to an excited sold out crowd at the IFC Center in New York City last weekend.

Following the traditions of Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight performances, a live rendition of the film was recreated on the stage as well as scenes that aren’t shown on screen (Egon trying to drilling a hole through his head). The audience recreated parts as well, such as tossing index cards in the air as a terrified librarian runs through the aisles, or throwing candy hearts at Dr. Ray Stantz, the heart of the Ghostbusters.

The Minions of Gozer was created by Angela Williams last year, and the debut performance was directed by Eryn Roberts, who also appeared as the show’s Janine and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Feats of daring do, as Dana is lifted high above the screen.

Walter Peck after being pantsed on stage.

For more information, be sure to visit the Minions of Gozer website.

Trailer for proposed documentary, "Ghostheads" posted online.

“Prince Vigo”, AKA Adam Schwartz of the Alabama GBs, has a proposition – basically, while attending DragonCon the other week, he shot some footage for a documentary he’d like to make. Whereas Cleanin’ Up The Town is working to examine the making of the Ghostbusters film franchise, Ghostheads (working title) wants to look at the people who love the film franchise. And for a weekend of footage, the proposal trailer puts up a pretty solid argument in favour of getting it made. Check it out.

Ghostbusters Fan Documentary – Trailer from Adam Schwartz on Vimeo.

Nods to Ricky Crypt for the spot!

Thanks, everyone, for your support! I really want to make this a community driven effort so it’s great to see the enthusiasm! And we’re totally better than the trekkies. I think that this fan community is so unique and diverse and the story deserves to be told. If we can continue to get support and build momentum, we can really make this great.

GBNH & GB SLC Crossover Fan-film!

There are certain things you can consider milestones in a fandom. The creation of fan-films is one. Another is when fan-films reach a near-cinematic level of content, as with Return of the Ghostbusters. And then you start to have cross-overs.

The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire and Ghostbusters Salt Lake City have recently revealed that they are working on a cross-over film together! And you won’t have to wait long to see the finish film, entitled GBNH: Spilled Milk, as they are looking at finishing and releasing it before the Summer is out.

If you want to follow production and progress, you can check out their thread at GBFans. And just for giggles, they sent a handful of photos.

Last Chance Ghostbusters screening and chat at, this Friday! has had Ghostbusters available for viewing for at least a year now, but like all good things, the film’s run is coming to an end. But before it goes, Crackle wants to see it off in style, and is organizing a group screening this Friday! Lock you boss in the closet and come join Crackle, Proton Charging, and others as we watch the film together online!

We all know it, and we all love it. Ghostbusters, that iconic film that still resonates today, is leaving after a lengthy stay…and I say let’s celebrate its amazingness together. This is your LAST CHANCE to see Ghostbusters for free online, so don’t miss out!

At 1PM PST on Friday, March 26th, we all converge on two sites, in two separate windows:


We watch the movie on Crackle, and discuss it live through Tiny Chat (log in through Facebook or Twitter). I have invited some serious voices in the space to add some cultured color, including Chris Stewart, who runs the hardcore Ghostbusters fan site

Come geek-out to the movie that will eternally stay etched in your memory – like the burn you have on your inner thigh from that make-shift neutrona wand you made out of paper mache and napalm.

Invite your friends, challenge each other, and most importantly, watch Ghostbusters when you are at work!
Crackle is still rolling out in areas outside the US, so if you’re in Europe or Canada, etc. you might want to check and see if you can view Crackle movies yet, but even if you can’t, why not pop the DVD in and come join the chat discussion.