New iOS/Android GB game unveiled at MacWorld 2012!

Woot! Hooray for owning a Smartphone! Details are very early, but here’s the overview;

The new game from XMG that we are most excited about is their new Ghostbusters title. This game has an augmented reality battle system, immersing you in real time battle against ghosts and ghouls. And I know you aren’t afraid of no ghost!

Equip yourself with proton guns and other equipment, and you can capture paranormal menaces like a true Ghostbuster. There are location-based features that enable players to interact with their surroundings and catch site-specific ghosts, like library or subway ghosts. There is also a social aspect that encourages players to team up with friends and other Ghostbusters. You can gain experience points (XP) to upgrade your ghost fighting equipment so that you can rid the world of these menacing specters forever.

Ghostbusters will be released for both iOS and Android in July (or sooner) of this year. It will be a freemium title.


Oh well it’s ladies night, oh what a sight, June 24th

The GamerchiX community has their regular Wednesday meet ups, and Wednesday June 24th, the game du jour is Ghostbusters. Bear in mind, this is grrl gamers only – no dudes (they recommend the guys check out Frag Doll Fridays. Provided you like getting your ass handed to you by a woman. I’m not judging – some people dig that. Frag Dolls have not announced a Ghostbusters night as yet.)

Wednesday nights are for the ladies! Each Wednesday, Xbox GamerchiX gather to play together on Xbox LIVE®. This isn’t a chance for the guys to find girls to play with, fellas. GamerchiX is strictly for the girls. (If you’re a dude looking for a chance to game with girls, check out Frag Doll Friday!)

GamerchiX, here’s how it works: You can play the suggested Ladies Night game, or you can choose one of your own! Synch up with other members in the GamerchiX forum, or use the Chix Tracker, which Morgon turns on every Wednesday. With over 9,000 members in 32 countries, you’re sure to find an XGX girl who plays your favorite game in your time zone!