The Vine puts GB2 on their Top 10 Soundtrack Raps… twice.

The Vine, an Australian online magazine, has put Spirit, from Ghostbusters 2, as their ninth best soundtrack rap. And yes it is an excellent one. It’s like, proto-Horrorcore and if it were my vote, I’d put Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew higher than ninth. But I can’t complain too much, as they also put Bobby Brown’s On Our Own at number one – both of them far more satisfying raps than the theme-constrained track by Run DMC.

In an age where the soundtrack is out of print, but torrenting abounds, I’m curious how many younger fans have heard the track in their entirety, not just the bits included in the film. Well, there’s YouTube, so I guess it’s a non-issue.

Now that I look at it, that’s kind of a crap list, except for their wise inclusion of Ghostbusters 2… twice.

Like, where’s Colours? Nowhere! Booooooo!

Spook Central nails one of the toughest Shot On Sites

Over the last couple of years, most all scenes of both movies have been sussed out – but it’s a diminishing return on the effort, as the more scenes we figure out, the ones that remain unsolved are logically the harder and harder ones. Right now, most all of the shots remaining where their locations haven’t been identified are montage shots – quick shots where there isn’t a lot of time to make out any helpful details.

But Paul at Spook Central nailed one today – by using the shot in the film PLUS (and this is the amazing part) on location photos from various sources, including the Ghostbusters 2 trading card set – has figure out where the boys nabbed a ghost while wearing their Santa hats.

Check out the location detective awesomeness at Spook Central.

Now that’s how you end a story arc…

James Stafford, the writing brain behind The Sorrowful Putto of Prague webcomic, is a bit of a ghosthead – his bio details, for no apparent reason, his chance meeting with Harris Yulin (Judge Wexler in Ghostbusters 2.)

And in keeping with his love of GB, he capped off his comic’s latest story arc in style.

Be sure to check out the entire comic from the beginning!

Mattel reveals Courtroom Peter, lists unslimed Peter, pushed back GB2 Winston

Mattel revealed a host of upcoming figs today, including the first “single-card” Ghostbusters 2 figure, Peter in his courtroom suit. The figure comes with the mis-spelled Scolari brother, Nunzio. The “single-card” is a reference to the holiday four-pack at Toys R Us, featuring the entire team in their Ghostbusters 2 uniforms, sporting removable X-mas hats, as seen in the GB2 busting montage.

Ghostbusters™ Courtroom Peter – This new 6″ scale Peter Venkman™ figure is our first single-carded Ghostbusters™ 2 figure! Comes with a brand-new Scalari Brother Ghost figure with swappable feet (flying feet and standing feet). NOTE: This figure will be released in January and Ghostbusters™ 2 Winston with Slime Blower has been moved out (release date TBD).

As mentioned in the blurb, this pushing Winston further back into 2011.

On a related note, has listed the un-slimed Peter figure, which will go on sale November 15 at Mattel’s online store.