Vancouver signing wrap-up

I was pretty much out of commission all day Friday, having spent all of Wednesday night trying to figure out what to get Dan to sign, then heading down to meet him at his Breakfast TV interview, before heading downtown to line-up with a couple of hundred people – Ghostbusters fans, Blues Brothers fans, alcohol fans, general Dan fans – to meet the man himself. The affair was a brisk two hours, but Dan was gracious enough to chat with everyone, sign everything, and take photos with a smile. I got to meet a number of fans, some of whom came all the way over from Vancouver Island (or “Mystery Ape Island” as Monster Quest dubbed it. Idiots.) and there was a lot of excitement.

People will likely be most curious about anything he had to say about Ghostbusters 3 – I declined to ask, but CityTV had no problem bringing it up;

Not a lot new, but always encouraging to hear.

Taylor LaTour, PC reader and pal, was on hand to jostle with the accredited press, and judging from his 50+ pics, totally won (his Flickr set includes a couple of photos from the two of us… yes, that was it, just the two of us… standing outside CityTV, waiting for Dan. And it worked. Dan was totally gracious, taking a moment to shake our hands.)

And bonus marks went to Ryan Doell and co. for landing themselves into the daily paper the next day.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the Pacific NorthWest, Dan is hitting Seattle TODAY and Portland on Monday. And if you’re in California, Dan will be in Sacramento on the 29th, and San Deigo, and Van Nuys at the end of October.

For everyone at the signing, it was great to see you all there and I hope you all enjoy the PC ghost-die!

If you’re curious, Dan signed my good copy of Making Ghostbusters, my Japanese edition of the LP soundtrack, a copy of his Dad’s book (excellent read, by the way), the first edition of the DVD, and the no-titling incentive cover of Displaced Aggression, issue #1.

Bloody Disgusting super excited over no-brainer, “Venkman is Oscar’s Dad!”

Not to diminish the article, but I find Bloody Disgusting and other movie sites tend to do a lot of this “someone in the know, but whom we cannot name” thing, which is fair enough, when you have a source that is regarded as solid, but cannot to named or it will be bad for them, but it remains one step away from made-up at that point. And in this case, the reported scoop is that Oscar is actually Venkman’s son, which creates major plot meat for the reluctant Ghostbuster, Bill Murray. Which is cool. Only, everybody pretty much guessed – ages back – that if Venkman wasn’t dead, he was going to be a father to Oscar in the film, as soon as Reitman confirmed Oscar would BE in the third movie. That it’s literal versus figurative is a small detail.

Much like Steven Spielberg did with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (where Mutt Williams is Indy and Marion’s love-child), Ivan Reitman is looking to kick-start a new franchise with a ghost bustin’ love-child of their own.

Early word from an insider is that the (hinted at) love affair between Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) and Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) has a much bigger impact on the franchise than just an angry Vigo (Wilhelm von Homburg).

From what we’re told, it will be revealed that Dana’s son Oscar is in fact Peter’s child as well. Furthermore, Oscar is now 21-ish and ready to take the reigns of his father’s ghost busting business!

It’s an important plot point as it gives a lot of weight to the actual story, and takes it from being “just another sequel” to having a real purpose (so long as they don’t pull an Indiana Jones IV).

So, kudos to Bloody Disgusting for the thought exercise we all played out last year. We’ll be genuinely excited when we can confirm it. Please enjoy the web traffic. I’m more interested in their continued mention that Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement for this – THAT would be a scoop.

The Onion finds Ghostbusters 3 news irritating

This week’s Tolerability Index at The Onion’s AV Club has put Ghostbusters 3 news at about, by my guess, “Irritating” – which is understandable, as the news tends not to get reported all at once, rather it ripples out like a wave, as each successive layer of entertainment news sites takes the same story and reworks it until it’s nearly something else entirely.

And the answer to The AV Club’s answer is yes, there are people who want a third movie bad enough to put up with the speculation.

And for the love of Pete Venkman, PLEASE, this isn’t an invitation to explain, again, at length, how you don’t think it should happen. We understand. We’ve heard. First person that ignores this request and posts their no-GB3 essay will have it stamped with the Anti-Patrick Seal of Approval. You’ve been warned.

Big ups to JJ for the heads up – never presume maaaaaan.

GB3 "a role of a lifetime" for Bill Murray, says Aykroyd

Prior to a recent Crystal Head vodka signing in San Antonio (interesting aside – they’re about to produce their 1 millionth bottle. They originally only estimated a demand for 3-4 thousand), Dan Aykroyd took a moment to talk to for a bit about all the recent Ghostbusters 3 talk, which continues to strengthen Harold Ramis’ recent comments on the film aiming for a Christmas 2012 release;

“The role of a lifetime has been written for Bill Murray. Contrary to what was in a lot of the press, I did not call him and tell him the ultimatum… ‘don’t be a jerk’. I was quoted as saying, ‘You better get on board.’ I would never ever talk to Billy like that,” he says.

A draft for the new script has been turned in by the young writers assigned by the studio.

“So, if we can pull it off, we’re going to start to work pretty soon,” he says.

He then talked a bit about the level of GB fandom he sees and how he sees it as an indication that a third film is a no-brainer;

“We were reasonably expectant that it would work then. As to its endurance today, I am quite surprised honestly, because I go to signings like I’m doing in S.A. and there’s Ghostbusters at every one of them. Some of them have cars and trucks that they’ve absolutely outfitted with the phone number and lights on them and everything — total packs, jump suits exactly down to the rubber gloves. It’s just really, really a gratifying thing to see and hilarious as well.

“The funniest part is the girlfriends and wives of the Ghostbusters. … I always give them a special kind of, you know, sympathetic hug.”

So, a carrot has apparently been written into the plot of a third film, in order to attract the reticent Murray – whether that carrot is the fabled Ghost Venkman idea or something new (like, say, a father/son/mentor/trainee relationship between Venkman and Oscar) remains to be seen, but one thing is clear; the final days of hammering this out are on now. If they don’t come to some sort of deal that suits all parties in the coming months, it will likely fall apart.

Thanks to Steven Hough for the heads up – someone start a stopwatch and how long it takes for MTV to report this news, with link to SlashFilm, and any reference to PC or removed (narf). Bonus points if Perez Hilton reports it. Man, we could make a game out of this.

Columbia announces MiB3 – why this matters

Columbia Pictures announced today that the go-ahead has been given for production to start on Men In Black 3. While this is not an announcement for Ghostbusters 3, it does relate. Here’s how;

MiB3 production starts this Fall, for a Spring 2012 release.

Harold Ramis’ comments of a Christmas 2012 release for Ghostbusters suddenly makes sense, particularly as nobody has said anything about production starting anytime later than Spring of 2011. Two years seemed like a long time to produce a movie, but MiB3, originally and often referred to as “Ghostbusters with aliens” has a similar scope, budget, and star logistics (pay, scheduling, etc.) as Ghostbusters 3. It follows then that if MiB3 requires a longer-than-average production timeline, GB3 might as well. “But, isn’t a year and a half for MiB3 still a long time?” Perhaps, but for one other, possibly, shared trait between the two movies…

MiB3 to be shot in 3D
While no official word has been made, there has been semi-serious talk of Sony (who owns Columbia Pictures) filming a number of tentpole and evergreen films in 3D. Not surprising, as Sony seriously wants people to buy more Blu-ray players and 3D HDTVs, for watching 3D films, including a number of films from their back catalog that are undergoing 3D retro-fitting (Ghostbusters included, it is rumoured.)

This helps explain why filming for a MiB3 would take a little longer than normal, as 3D ads some extra technical/logistical challenges. By extension, a third Ghostbusters in 3D, if that is in fact true, would require similar filming time.

Plus you know there’s someone at Columbia/Sony just DYING to market threequels as 3D films; MiB3D… Ghostbusters 3D… it’s like nobody remembers Jaws 3D… Still, I’d kill to see a ghost bust in the third dimension.

“Sony’s summer of 2012 will get off to a red hot start with an incredible new 3D adventure for the Men in Black.”
Oh yeah? Sounds good – what else do you have in mind for this red-hot Summer? Ramis’ is talking about a Christmas release – and to be sure, Christmas releases lately have seen a growing number of blockbusters – isn’t unreasonable, but Ghostbusters was born of the Summer Blockbuster. Arguably it helped create the Summer blockbuster! So with MiB3 slated to start the Summer with a May 25th release, there’s still a lot of Summer for a Ghostbusters 3, particularly if Sony is looking to dominate the season. At that fits even better with a Fall filming start.

(shrug) So nothing, maybe. This is not proof of anything, other than Sony is prepared to spend some big money on 2012. But as above, that’s my feeling why a MiB3 is good for a GB3 release – it’s just as possible, excepting the third and final point above, that Sony wants to spend on MiB3 at the expense of GB3, but in a guesstimate balance of pros and cons (gotta sell 3D TVs and Blu-ray players, remember) this news is favorable more than it’s worrisome.