Ramis tells AICN, Ghostbusters 3 does not have greenlight

This is most a chat between Ain’t It Cool News and Harold Ramis, talking about his work, Year One, etc., but as expected talk turns to Ghostbusters 3, which is then entirely wasted by AICN asking the same questions as everyone else. However, they do manage to get Ramis to say what has been common knowledge, but overlooked by a lot of enthusiastic fans – Ghostbusters 3 has not begun production. This is important info, because the project could fall apart tomorrow, but everyone already has 2012 marked on their calendar. Thanks to Nevil for the link.

Capone: They’re still writing, okay. So, we’ve been hearing all sorts of wild casting rumors about younger…

HR: No, none of that’s real. There will be young ghostbusters, but no specific casting is real, and no director is committed.

Capone: And, for the four main cast members…

HR: Everyone said they’d be in it.

Capone: Okay, it’s strictly a verbal thing at this point?

HR: Yeah, because there’s no…The studio does not want to commit to us at this point. It’s very…When everyone says ‘yes’ that will trigger a very expensive deal for the powers that be.

NY Daily News does a Ghostbusters where-are-they-now feature [UPDATE]

The NY Daily News has posted a full run-down of the major players in Ghostbusters, and where they are now. It’s not deep, but it’s informative. And a nice confirmation that they’re all still around.

Minus 5 points for not thinking to mention that they’re all doing voices in the video game (well, most of them.) Another minus 5 points for not including Rick Moranis. Thanks for helping perpetuate the myth that Rick sits at home, thumbing his nose at the world all day, dressed in a suit made of money.

[UPDATE] The Daily News has just posted a second where-are-they-now article, this time including Rick Moranis as well as Hook and Ladder 8. Thanks to whoiseyevan for the link.

Ramis talks Ghostbusters with Fallon on Late Night

Harold Ramis, busy promoting his new film, Year One, spent a little time talking about Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters the Video Game, and Ghostbusters 3. Not a lot, but it’s that he’s talking about it on late night TV that’s satisfying.

Big thanks to the, literally, dozens of you that emailed in links, and thanks to Chad at Ghostbusters.net for posting the video.

Yes, have some.

We’re two months away from the San Diego Comic Con and whatever that brings (a big announcement and a lot of new Ghostbusters products), and five months away from the release of most of those products. And like good fans, we want it all now. Now!

Which is usually when the imagination runs wild, so now might be a good time to take stock of all things Ghostbusters. After the leap, I’ve arranged everything in the works (and a couple of things that may or may not be in the works) according to how much we know. Some things are a lock (like the game) and somethings are borderline wishful thinking – if it wasn’t turning into THE year for all things Ghostbusters, they’d be complete fiction. What’s not on the list are hopes – like a new comic series, or toys, or whatever. We all have those hopes, and they could certainly happen – there’s been enough suggestion that there’s still lots of great stuff to come, but we haven’t heard a single thing, so no sense confusing the issue.

All right – so, where we at?
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