Mattel moves Peck figure to May

In a brief post on their new Ghostbusters message boards, has announced that their Walter Peck 6″ figure (with containment unit) will not be ready for their original March release, and has been moved to May. May is when the Slimed Venkman was due for release, but they have not clarified if both figures will go on sale at the same time. We can only assume that’s the case for now.

The 2010 sales list, as announced, now stands at;

NO RELEASE – March 2010

12″ Venkman – April 2010

6″ Venkman (slimed) &
6″ Peck (containment unit) – May 2010

12″ Winston – July 2010


MattyCollector updates site for Ghostbusters has finally added a section specific to their line of Ghostbusters toys – this section is showing not just the 6″ Egon that was released at San Diego Comic Con this Summer, but the 12″ and 6″ Ray figures out October 15th and the 12″ Egon and 6″ Winston out December 15th (which completely invalidates the release dates they announced at SDCC, and suggests that they’ll be releasing the figures in pairs every two months, though that’s just wild speculation.)

Thanks to Tim for the heads up.

The Fwoosh posts giant review of SDCC Egon figure from Mattel

The Fwoosh has pretty much poured over Mattel’s 6 inch Egon and Slimer figure set, including a lot of up close pics, size comparisons to other toys – NECA’s GB figures in particular – and more. Of particular interest is that they seem to like Ray’s 6 inch figure in October will come with the No-Ghost logo ghost. News to me all around, but good to hear.

Egon and Slimer are due to go on sale on the Mattel site after ComicCon, so stay tuned. Thanks to Juan for the link!