Attack of the Show to preview Mattel SDCC exclusives – reveals RGB figs early!

Monday, April 12th and Thursday, April 15th, Attack of the Show on G4 will be revealing Mattel’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives and displays, which will no doubt mean a look at some of the upcoming Ghostbusters Classic figs. Mattel has confirmed the segments and air-dates, but only hints at a DCU and Avatar figure. The complete list, with additional reveals, will be on the Matty Collector website on Friday the 16th. G4 video often ends up on their website after, so worse comes to worse, we’ll see about embedding it here.

Okay, everyone, we just got official confirmation that our SDCC product reveals are going to air on Attack of the Show on the G4 network April 12th and April 15th!

Why two nights? Because the stuff we’re revealing is so good, it couldn’t be done in a single show! Attack of the Show will sneak peek four products each night. We’ll finally put to rest some of the rumors about what we’ll have at SDCC and there are exclusives from some of our most popular collector lines. No, we’re not telling you anything beforehand — you’ll just have to tune in to find out what they all are!

You can check your local listings for channels/times, but there’s one thing to keep in mind. Although we’ve been given these dates, it’s not a guarantee our segments will be aired. If another big story comes along, Attack of the Show has every right to bump us (which they’ve done in the past), just like any news show. It’s not likely, but if this does happen, we’ll let you know the minute we hear.

But that’s not the big news – the big news is that an Attack of the Show promo for the upcoming shows, well, shows a Real Ghostbusters style figure. There’s a screengrab floating around and no doubt online video will follow shortly. The figures are not a complete surprise, as they said they were working on such a line at last year’s SDCC. But it’s still awesome.

Labeled as part of a “Retro Action” line of toys, it’s possible the figures will not comprise an entire line, but only a handful of figures in a larger line. And yes, the jumpsuit is from the movie – being SDCC, it may be an exclusivity twist by Mattel. I would not call it an oversight, given their previous attention to detail (normal human detail I mean, not pantlegs tucked in detail), rather it is likely calculated. As well, the figure talks! Also note the other three busters are shown on the package, which means we’ll at least get all four (and Winston will not be overlooked!)

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Mattel confims plans for a future 4-pack of figures!

Toyguru, one of Mattel’s moderators at their Matty Collector messageboards, has confirmed that the company does have plans to release a 4-pack of the 6″ Ghostbusters action figures at some point in the future. When that point is is up in the air, as is final confirmation that the plans will in fact be put into action (and aren’t just ideas they’re kicking around), but we can safely assume it will be much later in the year, once all 4 Ghostbusters have been released. It’s speculative, but not wildly so, to assume that the pack will not come with all the extras (ie ghosts, etc.) the singular figures do – it’s also means fans wanting a containment unit will have to make a point of buying the Walter Peck figure in the next few months.

[VIA Toy News International] posts 4th Mattel Q&A

GBFans has submitted your questions and posted Mattel’s answers in a fourth round Q&A with the toy maker.

Short version! SDCC exclusive will be awesome, but no hints until April. 12″ Peter (snicker) comes with the basic accessories, but Winston will come with paperwork and brand name spongecake snack. Hot Wheels Ecto-1 will continue to be produced and shipped throughout the year (Mattel makes Hot Wheels, y’see?). And someone suggested a Barbie line of Ghostbusters, or at least her as a secretary – I say make her a Ghostbuster.

Hell, if they’ll make Mad Men Barbies, then then a Barbie suited up to bust some heads in a spiritual sense is totally doable. And shouldable. Secretary is so 1962!

As always, good answers need good questions by YOU, so contact GBFans with yours, today, for round five.

Mattel nails down GB release dates for first half of 2010

There’s been a lot of shuffling in Mattel’s 2010 schedule, as a delay in the Walter Peck figure seems to have caused a few ripples – but yesterday, Mattel clarified their previous clarification of dates.

Ghostbusters™ 12″ Peter Venkman™
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Walter Peck™ (with containment unit)

Ghostbusters™ 6″ Peter Venkman™ with Slimer

Oddly, the previously mentioned July release for 12″ Winston, isn’t mentioned – not sure if that means Winston is sliding now as well.

Thanks to WebScud for the heads up.

Mattel shows off new figures at NY Toy Fair – 3 mystery 6" figs in 2010!

It’s Toy Fair time again, and this year has nabbed some nice pictures of various Ghostbusters figures at the Mattel booth – of note are a shot of all four 12″ figures, a shot of the upcoming Slimed Peter 6″, and…

…6″ Ray in lab coat – and he’s got the sniffer (though we’re not sure he’s using that thing correctly.) Word from the show is that Mattel will be releasing six of the 6″ figures this year, which will move beyond just the four guys. We know of three already – Peck, Slimed Peter, and apparently this new ray. So, what will the other three be?