Patches make us feel good, eh? [UPDATE]

Yay! I always love it when a post turns into a flood of pictures from readers – patches, tattoo, things like that (maybe people will start mailing me cookies too – that’d rock.)

Jay fired off this pic of the Canadian GB patch, which always has a special place in my heart. Man, I need to see if I can get one of these!

Click for full sized


Turns out Jay has a tattoo of the same thing, in keeping with today’s flood of patches/tattoos. Also, the patch is for sale by Katarra, who also did the ABGB patches in the previous post. She has one left (I JUST BOUGHT THE OTHER! BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!)

Atari testing the waters for Ghostbusters video game update?

A forum admin at Atari has started a thread seeking information about the various issues existing in Ghostbusters: The Video Game – that is to say, they know the issues, they need more details about those issues. Basically, gathering as much info as possible to aid in debugging.

They haven’t sworn an update is coming, but this is definitely a good first step. Maybe petitions can work?

Thanks to RedVirtue over at for the heads up.