Ghostheads episode 25!

Ghostheads podcast has hit its silver episode today!

Has July been a little warmer than usual? Does the humidity have you clinging to your air conditioner? If so, why trying to cool down listen to the latest episode of Ghostheads!! In this episode Luke and Jason give you the full San Diego Comic-Con rundown of everything GB. You’ll hear there opinions on many of the items that will be coming out over the next year. So grab an ice tea, sit back, relax, and listen to Ghostheads! Head on over to to get the episode, and enjoy!! Questions, comments, suggestions e-mail us,, or follow us on Twitter @ghostheads!!

Cross the Streams podcast Episode 13 online

In April’s edition of ‘Cross the Streams Radio Show,’ Brendan and Sam Swope interview Ontario Ghostbuster Mike Tigani. Mike gives plenty of details of what happened at that con. On the round table portion of the show, the special guests featured are: Adam Schwartz & Brock Parker from the Alabama Ghostbusters, Ben Langlinais from the Louisiana Ghostbusters, Sam Swōpe from the Steel City Ghostbusters, Fernando Hernandez from the Long Island Ghostbusters and Proton Charging’s Webmaster Chris Stewart.

Would you or your Ghostbusters franchise like to promote a charity event or to come on the podcast to promote an up coming event?

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Show 13
Interview with Ontario Ghostbusters
Commercial – Alabama Ghostbusters Podcast
Roundtable Topics:
Mattel reveals Slime Blower Ray Stantz at Wondercon 2011
IDW’s Ghostbusters: Infestation #2
IDW starting monthly Ghostbusters comic series
Alabama GB Podcast
GBMania: Video and Pics partying with the Ghostbusters franchise!
GBMania: Tribute to the fans
GBMania Award: The award ceremony! Fernando, we’re talking about ya!
Review: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
Louisiana Ghostbusters Fan Film Awards
Ghostheads Documentary
Brock’s Dinner with Ernie Hudson/What does Ernie Hudson Drink?
New Long Island Ghostbusters Website & Events (check it out!)
Alabama Ghostbusters Upcoming Charity Events
Dragon Con/PKE Surge & Busterpalooza
Fernando Hernandez & Sam Swōpe at the Boston, MA Saint Patrick’s Parade
Louisiana Ghostbusters Events
Commercial-Louisiana Ghostbusters Fan Film Awards Contest (We’ve got the details)
Goodbyes/Contact Info

Special Guests: Adam Schwartz, Brock Parker, Ben Langlinais, Sam Swōpe, Fernando Hernandez and Chris Stewart.

Crossing the Streams episode 8 online – Proton Charging joins the chat!

Here to celebrate their first show on, as well as setting a new personal record with having 6 Ghostheads on the round table, so please enjoy Matt and Brendan’s latest adventure. .

This time, Matt Prov teases us with his Fan Expo 2010 Minisode, and we also chat with the webmaster of Proton Charging, Chris Stewart, Ontario Ghostbuster Mike Tigani, GB Fans Member Mjollnir and female Ghostbusters Fan, Michelle Goodridge.

We hope anyone with any concerns or questions or hate mail, please write to Brendan, Matt or Drew at

Click here to download the episode.

Cross The Streams podcast #7 online – Epic Win Burlesque!

Here to celebrate not only the 26th anniversary of the classic film, Ghostbusters., it’s also the first anniversary of Cross the Streams Radio Show!

Cross the Streams Radio: Episode 7 68.2 MB

Show notes;

– Intro & Monologue
Matt Prov’s Interview with the people behind EPIC WIN Burlesque “GHOSTBUSTERS!”
– Commercial-Ghostbusters 2 Alarm Clock
– Roundtable with Mike Tigani from the Ontario Ghostbusters and Michelle Goodridge, a Ghostbusters Fan. Thing we talk about are:

Men in Black 3D (Matt Prov Rant)
Sims 3 – Expansion Pack
Improv Everywhere Ghostbusters video
Ivan told Ernie they have a second draft
Fujishoji releases pachinko machine in Japan – Ghostabustas!
Ontario Ghostbusters Updates!
Cross the Streams at Fan Expo

– Commercial-Kurt Fuller Ad
– Goodbyes & Bill Murray Prank Call to Wal-Mart
– Bloopers

Anyone with any concerns or questions or hate mail, please write to Brendan, Matt or Drew at

Ghostheads podcast – Lucky episode 13 is online!

It’s that time again – the guys at Ghostheads have just released episode 13!

“That’s a big Twinkie”

Special guest Kevin (Spooky) Willingham

Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 2:33

News Topics – Minutes 2:34 – 30:27

* GB II Vigo Production photos at GB Fans
* Ghosthead gathering at Mega Con
* Dan Aykroyd sighting in New Jersey
* PKE Surge 2010 logo
* Aykroyd calls Murray and tells him to stop being a jerk
* The Big Bang Theory references GB
* Wil Wheaton a Ghostbusters fan?
* Bill Murray bar tends at SXSW

Closing – Minutes 30:28 – 32:25

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