Countdown(s) to Halloween!

Branded in the 80s has started up their annual 31 Days of Monsters, each day taking a look at a different Real Ghostbusters ghost, complete with screenshots AND actual production cels and sketches! (For those looking for more, you can always go back and check out last year’s countdown!)

And Dapper Dan Schoening is at it again, with his 13 Ghosts feature, in which he puts his unique style to work recreating various Ghostbusters creatures. This year’s theme… REAL GHOSTBUSTERS TOYS!

I’m only posting two images here, but there are dozens for you to see at these two sites – do not skip them! They are a perfect way to get in the mood for Halloween!

Diamond reveals RGB Minimates most likely out in 2011 has a video of their time at San Diego Comic Con 2010, including their review of the Retro-Action Peter Venkman, but most interesting is the Diamond Select Toys Presents: Minimates! panel, which was held on Saturday, July 24th. When asked what was next for the Ghostbusters line, the Diamond rep (can’t make out the name and the web is being no help) was at first hesitant, but responded that they would most likely be doing Real Ghostbusters Minimates in 2011.

So very awesome. The clip comes in the final couple of minutes of the short clip (4:45);

Correction: Real Ghostbusters writer, Stephen J. Perry, is fine.

[UPDATE] In what is both a massive coincidence and copywriting nightmare, there are TWO Steve Perrys who are writers. Cartoon writers no less. Steve Perry, who wrote for Real and Extreme Ghostbusters, is alive and well. The tragic death of Steve Perry, the Thundercats writer, remains real and sad.

Thanks to Troy for helping clarify the story.

Real Ghostbusters Steve Perry’s website and blog:

And for future record – everyone pay attention now – THIS is why imdb’s information on Ghostbusters 3 is always suspect. As of today, I officially trust Wiki more than imdb.


I had an ugly feeling when I read that Steve Perry had been confirmed as a victim of murder. While most news items called him “Thundercats writer”, the name seemed familiar. And after all, if you were a cartoon writer on one show in the ’80s, you probably wrote for a lot of them. A quick check of his Wiki and imdb listing confirmed the worst – Stephen J. Perry, writer of Play Them Ragtime Boos, Captain Steel Saves the Day, Janine’s Day Off, as well as Ghost Apocalyptic Future for the Extreme Ghostbusters series, was murdered at age 56. Perry had been battling cancer in recent years.

All our thoughts are with Stephen’s family and friends, such as fellow RGB writer, Michael Reaves.

Matty Collector makes official post on SDCC RGB fig [UPDATE]

As they promised earlier in the week, has posted on their SDCC exclusives, some of which were outlined on Attack of the Show.

They released pictures of the Real Ghostbusters Retro-Action figure, along with some details. The figure will be $20, stands at 11″ tall, and as Peter is dressed in his movie jumpsuit, as in Citizen Ghost, there will be a variant, which will be a green-translucent Peter – fans will recall that the Ghostbusters movie jumpsuits take on a spectral life of their own. The post also confirms there will be four sound bites from the episode, which suggests there will be four for all the figures.

I’ve reposted their photos, but you might want to check out the Attack of the Show report, as the screengrabs there actually show better, closer details.

Retro-Action™ The Real Ghostbusters™ Peter Venkman™ ($20)

Our all-new line of Retro-Action™ The Real Ghostbusters™ figures arrives this fall, but you can get the first figure at SDCC! We’ll have an exclusive variant version of Peter Venkman™ as a spooky spirit when his outfit was possessed in episode 11 “Citizen Ghost” (variant version has all green clear skin). Best of all, Peter Venkman™ talks! Just press the button on his chest to hear four lines of his dialog from the episode.

You can check out their entire line-up of SDCC swag at their blog.