Sanctum of Slime dev diary and 3 new screens! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Turns out, in an earlier interview from a couple of weeks back, Williams revealed that the new Ecto is driven by Jeff, another Ghostbuster recruit that you don’t get to play. Thx to Herr Crypt for the link.

Behaviour Santiago (developers of the upcoming Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game) Creative Director, David Williams, has posted a short dev blog post at the US Playstation website. In it, he talks specifically about the simplified, fast-and-fun game mechanics, why the little ghosts don’t need trapping, and even the names of the four new rookies; Allan, Bridget, Samuel, and Gabriel.

Introducing Allan, Bridget, Samuel and Gabriel – the new ghost bustin’ team here to clear the overwhelmed city of New York from an ectoplasmic infestation. They packing a new arsenal of cool prototype weapons that Egon has been designing over the past decade. Egon’s and Ray’s studies on paranormal entities have revealed that ectoplasm can be charged with different sub-atomic charges, making ghosts weaker to different energy frequencies.

Read the whole blog post at the Sony Playstation website. Thanks to Toad for the heads up.

Sanctum of Slime: Cover art, fact sheet, and 5 new screens!

True, we’ve got two days left on the New York Toy Fair, but Atari has a game to put out in a month, and the PR train must go on. To that end, they released a fact sheet, with “cover” art (or at least what looks to be cover art – yes yes, particle throwers don’t have gun grips, I’m sure there will be a lot of noise about that), and 5 new screenshots!

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime brings arcade style gameplay to the beloved franchise. Strap on your proton packs for an all new ghostbusting adventure! Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime brings paranormal activity to Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC Download! With 4 new playable characters and a whole new team of Ghostbusters, get ready for a fast-paced battle against the evil spirits that lurk in New York City to take down Dumazu the Destroyer!

Game Features
•12 levels of arcade-style Ghostbusting fun with an all new cast of Ghostbusters
•Immerse yourself in the fight against the paranormal – battle ghosts in NYC’s sewer tunnels, cemeteries & more
•Explore the unique powers of 3 different ghost fighting weapons
•Ride through the city in the all new ECTO-4WD as you battle evil ghosts while in transit
•Up to 4 player co-op multiplayer – combine weapon attacks with your teammates to increase the power of your attacks

Famous Monsters of Filmland commission exclusive take on Infestation

The recently revived Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine put its latest issue on the shelves today (#254) and what with their feature on the IDW Infestation series inside, not to mention a giant article on ZBrush 3D modeling in the effects industry, the magazine hired 3D artist Bryan Wynia to cook up an alternate, and appropriate cover.

click to see full size

Stupid zombie – you can’t eat a ghost.

If you can’t find this particular cover, don’t fret – the art is featured inside as part of the ZBrush feature.