Spencer's Gifts selling new t-shirt and belt buckle!

Tim Salisbury sent this in over a week ago and I wasn’t able to get it up until now, thanks to E3 madness – sorry Tim

But, good news is good news whenever – Spencer’s Gifts continues to pump out keen GB items for sale. This time they’re selling a new Stay-Puft T-shirt and Slimer belt buckle!

Sadly, they aren’t available online, but as you can see below, they are in stores, so check for your local Spencer’s.

Thanks Tim!

Click for full size
Click for full size

New Slimer t-shirt and Mr. Stay-Puft backpack.

Travis spotted this awesome Slimer t-shirt at Hot Topic, featuring a very concept arty Slimer face on the front. Maybe not everyone will know it’s from Ghostbusters, but who cares? That’s a biiiig Slimer face.
Depending on size, it’ll run you about $20 (plus shipping if you buy online.)

As well, after seeing the post about the upcoming proton pack backpack, Peter sent in his pics of the Mr. Stay-Puft backpack available through Spencer’s Gifts (same as the Slimer backpack.) I wasn’t aware there was a second Spencer’s pack, so this is nice to see. The pack is not currently available online, though retail locations might still have it.

New Ghostbusters merch and Mad Engine has t-shirt sale!

Ooh, the fun stuff on the new Ghostbusters.com!

For starters, Mad Engine, creators of the fantastic new line of Ghostbusters t-shirts, are having a sale – buy 2, get 1 free!

But more importantly, the new GB.com, with it’s consumer products gallery, has revealed a new item or two.

Spencer’s Gifts has a Slimer backback and Stay-Puft toque (or, fine, beanie) !

Ghostbusters merch at Spencer's Gifts!
Ghostbusters merch at Spencer's Gifts!

[UPDATE] Besides their 2-1 sale, Mad Engine is closing out three shirt designs; Who Ya Gonna Call? and I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost on white, and the Ecto-1 license plate on black – each shirt is $8.99!