The Threadless Ghost Bustin' community collaboration [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] 50 pieces of ghost art have been received already (probably way more than that), so submissions have been closed by the project artist.

Alexmdc, a well established Threadless designer with no less than twelves designs making it to print, has a new project underway and it needs you. Well, 50 people, to be specific – first come, first serve.

His idea, in short, is to invite 50 people to provide a small ghost, or creature, or anything really, to appear in the middle of two Ghostbuster types, who are busting them;

IDEA: the GHOSBUSTERS shooting a bunch of different characters, with their crossing rays and they’re all captured within a huge ghost bubble, will most likely change the white into glow in the dark ink, so keep that in mind.

-remember you character doesn’t have to be a generic ghost-
It can be a a creature/monster/kittie/puppie/jublin hahaha just keep it pg13 but if you want to go with some traditional ghost, that’s fine also.

50 first designs to be submitted
first come first serve!

Bape releases even more cute GB gear

Taking their official license from Sony and running with it, Japan’s A Bathing Ape design house has added a variety of new products to their line of previous Ghostbusters t-shirts.


The design-label as released a whole host of t-shirts, which now include Slimer hanging out with the no-ghost logo and Baby Milo (the house’s cute mascot).

Of more interest, at least to fans not interested in the high-priced hipster t-shirts, are the mugs and – and these are frickin’ sweet – trainers with the no-ghost logo incorporated into the shoe. Even the box is hawt!


They are not cheap however, with a US distributor selling them online at $100 for the t-shirts and $240 for the shoes. Yeeks.

Thanks for the lead, Grim!

[VIA I♥CoolStuff & Bape Nerd]