Newsarama on Tokyopop Ghostbusters

Newsarama has a big piece up on the Tokyopop Ghostbusters manga book we’ve been following for awhile now. Check it out. Thanks to JP for the spot.

TokyoPop editor Bryce Coleman still thinks fondly of the first two Ghostbusters films from the 80s and says that the franchise still appeals to him even to this day. “I think it’s the same reason it appeals to any fan of the films. The magic formula of scares and laughs. Not that anything in either of the movies is what you would consider truly frightening, but you’ve got classic monster movie images of ghosts and animated corpses and monsters,” he told Newsarama. “And they did it all with reverence for that genre at a very high technical level for the time. The visuals are fantastic and still hold up today. And then you’ve got classic Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd at top form. Some of the best of that 80’s era comedy. Put it all together and you’ve got absolute geek ambrosia. At least that’s my opinion.

Tokyopop Ghostbusters listed in July Previews

This is it – time to pre-order the Tokyopop Ghostbusters manga (if you are so inclined.) It’s three months prior to an October release date, which means Diamond Distribution will be taking pre-orders through your favorite comic shop. Big thanks to Dave for reminding me – he’s had a look at the catalog already and it features a blurb on the book. It will have at least four stories, including one where Ray learns busting ghosts isn’t always a blast, and Egon has a heart-to-heart with a ghost before having to bust it (I’m looking forward to that one.) More on this book soon!

[UPDATE] Diamond is saying this issue of Previews covers items shipping in September – this may mean comic shops will get the item earlier than we expected.

[UPDATE] Dave found the Preview listings write up online (at Wizard Universe.) The page also includes the “Art Not Final” cover image (classic logo on black, but of course.)

a possessed fashion designer offers a spring line aimed to displease; a cantankerous theater critic haunts a new production of a big budget musical; Ray learns that catching ghosts isn’t ALWAYS exciting; Egon has a touching moment with a spectral spook; and Winston shines when the boys go from busters to bustees to a quartet of peeved off poltergeists.

Yes, have some.

We’re two months away from the San Diego Comic Con and whatever that brings (a big announcement and a lot of new Ghostbusters products), and five months away from the release of most of those products. And like good fans, we want it all now. Now!

Which is usually when the imagination runs wild, so now might be a good time to take stock of all things Ghostbusters. After the leap, I’ve arranged everything in the works (and a couple of things that may or may not be in the works) according to how much we know. Some things are a lock (like the game) and somethings are borderline wishful thinking – if it wasn’t turning into THE year for all things Ghostbusters, they’d be complete fiction. What’s not on the list are hopes – like a new comic series, or toys, or whatever. We all have those hopes, and they could certainly happen – there’s been enough suggestion that there’s still lots of great stuff to come, but we haven’t heard a single thing, so no sense confusing the issue.

All right – so, where we at?
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