Underground Toys reveal three sizes of plush Slimer!

Underground Toys, who make the lions share of GB merch these days (mugs, glasses, cufflinks, keychains, and of course plush toys, etc.) have revealed their upcoming plush Slimer at New York’s Toy Fair. Like last year’s plush Stay-Puft, the Slimer comes in a medium (approx. 10″) size that plays “movie sounds” when you squeeze him (the Stay-Puft played the theme song) and a small, plush sized, non-singing dolls with a clip, suitable for your backpack, etc.

The big surprise, in most every sense, are the large sized dolls, both for Slimer and Stay-Puft. These look more like 15″ or bigger, but just like their tiny cousins, they feature “movie sounds.” Check the photos below to have a look and stay tuned!

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Underground Toys shows off teensy Stay-Puft plush!

Last week, we showed you the singing Mr. Stay-Puft stuffy from Underground Toys, as well as an assortment of goods they have produced in Europe, and are bringing over here to North America. Well, all of that was on display at the New York Toy Fair 2011, BUT they also had a surprise for us; a small Mr. Stay-Puft stuffy! Like their bigger brothers, the little guys come in both happy and angry faces.

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Other Underground Toys merch coming to North America soon!

I talked to Underground Toys that clarified that a lot of the merch I’d mentioned before is in fact currently and soon to be available in the UK, and they are working to bring it to North America shortly, so if you can wait, you can save yourself some shipping. I hope to hear more from them soon about future stuffies, etc. but in the meantime, they sent pics of all their other great stuff! Woohoo!

I really want one of those metal keychains.

Underground Toys reveal plush Stay-Puft, taking pre-orders. More merch planned.

UK maker of licensed merchandise, Underground Toys, has revealed their pair of “singing” Mr. Stay-Puft dolls, one angry and one happy. The singing is a sound chip in the figure’s tummy that plays the Ghostbusters theme when pressed.

Stores such as Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store are taking pre-orders on the dolls now, for $19.99 – $21.99. The dolls are listed as being available May 2011. Specialty shops will likely be offering them for pre-order soon – check with your local comic shop.

Beyond these figures, Underground Toys has not made any concrete announcements, but presumably if they Stay-Puft figure is a success, more, like a Slimer, will follow.

In December UT did reveal that they had extended their deal with Sony, giving them the rights to produce singing figures (check), mugs, keychains (UT makes both soundboard keychains and rubber figure keychains), stress balls (squishy stress relieving Slimer, anyone?), and cufflinks. Stay tuned!

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