Concept art of Ghostbusters at Universal Studios Dubailand revealed!

Yeah. Dubailand. A giant (they don’t do small in Dubai) Universal Studios in Dubai is in the works, with the official website talking about rides such as Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Revenge of the Mummy, and park attractions such as Waterworld and The Blue Brothers. Basically stuff you’d expect in a Universal Studios.

Now, via the website of someone working on the project in some capacity, come a series of art concepts, including the New York Zone… complete with Ghostbusters firehall! Now word on whether the park will incorporate anything similar to the old Universal Studios shows or having an Ecto-1 driving around the park. Honestly, from what I can make from the website that reported the concept art, the project that started four years ago hit a financial bump, but may or may not be back on track. And if it does get made, you still have to go to Dubai to see it. But hey… still so cool.

Thanks to Stingray Travel for the tip!

Doc Brown promotes Spooktacular in rare 1988 video!

In 1988, Christopher Lloyd, as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, stars in a promotional video for the still under construction Universal Studios Orlando theme park, which when complete, featured the Ghostbusters Spooktacular, as well as the Back to the Future ride. It’s not clear what the video was for, having been made two years before the park opened – it might have been made for shareholders or travel brokers.

At 6:26 in the video, Doc Brown is edited into the Mr. Stay-puft attack at the end of the movie. It is a fantastic slice of cheese – thanks to Dapper Dan for finding it!

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For those unfamiliar with the show, it ran from 1990-1998 as an indoor spectacular, and then until 2005 was reduced to a song and dance number with Beetlejuice on the street, then folded. Here’s a small taste;