Ghostbusters video game E3 trailer and screenshots!

E3 is in full swing, but you’re not missing out – PC has the E3 trailer! And more! I’ll get to the more – check out the video first (high quality QT and WMV versions after the jump.)

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Now bring on the pictures!
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Infernal tech demo – best look yet at Ghostbusters video game!

Mark Randel, head boss at Terminal Reality, narrates three tech demo clips just recently posted to YouTube – this is as from-the-horses-mouth as it gets. Mark shows off a number of features of their Infernal Engine, so this representative of the Xbox360/PC/PS3 versions. All three clips can be accessed here as a playlist. Enjoy! Andreas, Das ist fett, mein Freund. Danke!

– This is running on the PS3
– New Equipment Setting! Meson Collider! (remember, the basic is a “Positron Collider”)
– A look at terrain destruction (blows up a statue)
– Crowd herding is shown.
– A quick pass of the Ecto-1B (their hybrid Ecto design)
– Show a ghost catch and trap.
– Crowd demo of 1000 people milling about independently – then they panic when Stay Puft shows up!
– Fantastic – just under 10 minutes of footage all told.

Ernie Hudson talks movie role, video game

The big news today is an interview with Ernie Hudson at Eurogamer – he shares some details about his work on the game and the movie. The big news part is his confirmation that the role of Winston used to be much larger before he was hired – this might presumably be because the role was originally intended for the other king of movie comedies at the time, Eddie Murphy. There has always been some question of what the role would have been like when they had Murphy in mind, and the answer is “larger.” He also talks about not being a gamer, but that his kids give the game a thumbs-up.

He doesn’t pretend to be a huge gamer. “But my sons, they’re really into games,” Hudson says. “So when they asked me to do the voiceover for the game, one of my boys came with me. He played it and he really liked it a lot. He was very impressed with it.”

Thanks to JP for the tip.

Aykroyd continues to promote game as third movie

Dan Aykroyd recently had some questions put to him while opening a new House of Blues – it was short, sweet, and not entirely about Ghostbusters, but The Question always makes it in there, doesn’t it?

The Day: “Will there ever be a Ghostbusters III?”

Aykroyd: “You know … in October, we are releasing the Ghostbusters video game, and it’s really the third movie … I’ve been writing on it and working with the gang, and they’ve come up with a wonderful story. So … if you want to see Ghostbusters 3, it’s the game. It’s really, really good. And it’s a family game. We’re not killing anybody. We’re only sending entities back to where they came from.”